INA Standard F-49285 Bearing for Planetary Gear Box

Designation: F-49285

Dimension: 40×61.74×32mm

Weight: 0.4kg

Type: Cylindrical Roller Bearing, Without outer ring

Brand: INA, CoatMaster, EASIER, C&U

Application: Planetary gear transmission

Planetary gear transmission is a transmission that uses planetary gear mechanism to achieve speed change. It is usually installed behind the torque converter to form a hydraulic automatic transmission. The planetary gear mechanism gets its name because it is similar to the solar system. In its center is the sun wheel. Around the sun wheel are several planet wheels that revolve around it. Between the planet wheels, there is a shared planet carrier. On the outside of the planetary gear, there is a large ring gear.


The design trend of industrial gearboxes is to adopt a smaller form factor to improve their compactness, while continuously increasing the power level of the gearbox, Increasing power density in a very small space also places higher requirements on the bearings used.

Based on the requirements of high load-bearing capacity, small space, safety and reliability, low noise, and easy to follow, we provide targeted bearing solutions.

  1. RSL type single row and double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings without outer ring have high dynamic and static load carrying capacity and very compact radial dimensions
  2. RN type cylindrical roller bearing with cage guide, especially suitable for high speed
  3. KZK series needle roller cage assembly is suitable for high centrifugal force, high acceleration and very high speed

F series cylindrical roller bearing

1 F-212543
2 F-219593
3 F-208098
4 F-208099
5 F-127621
6 F-385328
7 F-229575.1
8 F-208266
9 F-208266.5
10 F-212355.2
11 F-49285
12 F-244026
13 F-554377
14 F-239535
15 F-236487.04
16 F-2439
17 F-2419
18 F-204782
19 F-204781
20 F-227450
21 F-93666.02
22 F-237005
23 F-209297
24 F-507037
25 F-229075.2
26 F-210408
27 F-123243
28 F-217615
29 F-254026
30 F-213617

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