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Double Row Angular contact ball bearings F-236957-ZKLF INA standard

Type: Double Row angular contact ball bearings, Designation: F-236957-ZKLF Feature: With Round Flange. Dimension: 55X146X44mm Material: High Quality Special Steel. Brand: INA Applications: Beverage canning equipment Double row angular contact ball bearings are units with solid inner and outer rings and ball and cage assemblies with polyamide or sheet steel cages. Their construction is similar […]

What is Solid oil bearing?

Almost every brand has solid grease bearings, NSK calls molded oil bearings, SKF calls solid oil bearings, China CoatMaster Solid oil Bearings, solid oil is an oil-saturated polymer matrix that completely fills the free space in the bearing, encapsulating the rolling elements and cage , the polymer material has a porous structure with millions of […]

ZYS successfully completed the installation of SRB wind power main shaft bearing

On December 13, 2022, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co.,Ltd successfully completed the installation and application of the first domestically produced self-aligning roller bearing for wind power main shafts with the largest size. This set of wind power main shaft bearings 240/1180 (self-aligning roller bearings), with an inner diameter of 1180mm and an outer diameter of […]

New breakthrough in China’s independent research and development of aero-engine spindle bearings

On October 24, 2022, the anti-fatigue life test of key components of aero-engines carried out by the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials exceeded 50,000 hours, marking a new breakthrough in China’s high-end equipment manufacturing technology. The key component of this fatigue test is the aero-engine main shaft bearing independently developed by China. The fatigue life […]

NSK Develops ROBUSTGRD™ Seizure-Resistant Grease for Machine Tool Spindle Bearings

NSK has developed ROBUSTGRD, an environmentally friendly grease lubricant that improves seizure resistance and contributes to higher productivity and long-term stable operation of machine tools. ROBUSTGRD improves seizure resistance and reliability in machine tools using cutting fluid and enables the adoption of environmentally friendly grease lubrication in applications typically covered by oil-air lubrication. Production of […]

Thrust Ball Bearing Dimension Chart

Thrust ball bearings are designed to withstand thrust loads during high-speed operation, and consist of a washer-like ferrule with a ball-rolling raceway groove. Since the ferrule is in the form of a seat cushion, the thrust ball bearing is divided into two types: flat seat cushion type and self-aligning spherical seat cushion type. In addition, […]

SKF Releases New Hybrid Ceramic Deep Groove Ball Bearings

SKF has released a new Hybrid Ceramic Deep Groove Ball Bearings for high-speed applications. The new bearings target applications such as traction motors, motors and drives for the railway industry. SKF has worked with three OEM customers. The newly released lightweight cage helps to increase the limit speed by at least 60% compared to conventional […]

What are automotive bearings?

Bearings are the basis of automobile transmission components, and are a very important part of the driving device in automobiles. They are called “joints of the automobile industry” and are used for power generation and transmission to support tire rotation speed. Automotive Bearings have an important impact on vehicle performance. Bearings for automobiles must be […]


  Manufacturer Numer Manufacturer Numer Manufacturer Numer GMB GT80260 OE 820.53 SKF VKM 13100 INA 531003010 OE 829.19 OE 97522886 INA F-121287.05 OE 829.54 OE 97535002 INA F-121287.1 OE 96281179 INA F-121287.5 The belt tensioner is at the front of an internal combustion engine. A belt-driven outer ring mechanism, including a timing belt, is essential in […]

China NTM8842 Lovol Tractor Clutch Release Bearing TA820.213-10

Type: Clutch Release Bearing Designation: NTM8842 Bearing OEM Code: TA820.213-10 Dimension: 88*132*51.5mm Weight: 3.5kg Materials: Chrome Steel Materials of Cage: Nylon Quality Grade: ABEC-1   Tractor bearings are mainly used in the field, the working environment is bad, and the continuous working time is long, which requires the bearings to be reliable in the use […]