NSK Develops ROBUSTGRD™ Seizure-Resistant Grease for Machine Tool Spindle Bearings

NSK has developed ROBUSTGRD, an environmentally friendly grease lubricant that improves seizure resistance and contributes to higher productivity and long-term stable operation of machine tools.

ROBUSTGRD improves seizure resistance and reliability in machine tools using cutting fluid and enables the adoption of environmentally friendly grease lubrication in applications typically covered by oil-air lubrication.

Production of ROBUSTGRD will begin in spring 2023, and NSK is targeting 4 billion yen in sales by 2026.

NSK will be exhibiting the new grease at “JIMTOF 2022 The 31st Japan International Machine Tool Fair” to be held at Tokyo Big Site from November 8-13, 2022.



Oil-air lubrication is widely used in machine tools for its excellent lubrication performance. However, oil-air lubrication uses a large amount of compressed air and consumes a lot of electricity, so there is a need to reduce power consumption to reduce running costs and pursue carbon neutrality.

Grease lubrication does not use compressed air, leading to energy savings compared to oil-air lubrication, but reliability improvement has been an issue.

In the development of the new grease, NSK aimed to further enhance reliability while enabling more machining applications to use more environmentally friendly grease lubrication.

Product Features

1. High Seizure Resistance
Optimized grease composition to achieve 5 times higher* seizure resistance compared to our conventional grease.

* Under accelerated test conditions of approximately 3 times the typical usage conditions

 1. High Seizure Resistance
2. High Reliability in Machine Tools Using Cutting Fluid
Previously, a concern of grease lubrication was that cutting fluid or coolant could infiltrate the bearing, causing the oil film to break and adversely affect lubrication performance. The newly developed ROBUSTGRD maintains the protective oil film by reducing the adverse effects of cutting fluid or coolant that enters the bearing.

 High Reliability in Machine Tools Using Cutting Fluid

Product Benefits

Improved seizure resistance and reliability in machine tools using cutting fluid or coolant enables the adoption of grease lubrication to reduce power consumption of machine tools. In addition, the increased reliability contributes to improved productivity and long-term stable operation.

About NSK

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