ZYS successfully completed the installation of SRB wind power main shaft bearing

On December 13, 2022, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co.,Ltd successfully completed the installation and application of the first domestically produced self-aligning roller bearing for wind power main shafts with the largest size.

This set of wind power main shaft bearings 240/1180 (self-aligning roller bearings), with an inner diameter of 1180mm and an outer diameter of 1660mm, can meet the needs of main shaft bearings for 5-8MW land-based wind power generators.

The main shaft bearing of wind power is the core component of the wind turbine. In addition to being affected by the wind load in the wind turbine, it also bears the gravity load of the main shaft and the impeller. The working conditions are complex, and it needs to have good impact resistance, flexible centering performance, Excellent raceway fatigue resistance.

By overcoming heat treatment deformation, controlling the internal structure of materials, cold working dimensional accuracy, optimizing rolling body modification and special surface treatment, ZYS Bearings can solve boundary friction and lubrication after the intervention of external pollutants, effectively ensuring the long life of spindle bearings for more than 20 years and high reliability requirements.

In recent years, in terms of new product research and development, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co.,Ltd has successively developed the first domestically produced 4.5MW, 7MW, and 10MW main shaft bearings (single-row tapered roller bearings) for installation and application. At the same time, the high operation and maintenance costs of wind power main bearings The characteristics of wind power main shaft bearing residual life prediction system was developed.

In terms of industrialization, ZYS Bearings has realized batch supply of main shaft bearings for 5-7MW double-fed models (spherical roller bearings) and semi-direct drive models (tapered roller bearings).

Since the upgrade of management in June 2022, ZYS Bearings has increased its investment in the industrialization of wind power bearings. Currently, it has an annual production capacity of 1,500 sets of wind power main shaft bearings, yaw pitch bearings, gearboxes and motor bearings. In the future, Axis Technology will continue to innovate in science and technology to help achieve the goal of “double carbon”.