China Bearing manufacturer-Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd-ZWZ

Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ZWZ) was founded in 1938. the earliest China Bearing manufacturer, It is the birthplace of China’s bearing industry and ranks eighth in the world bearing industry.  ZWZ has moved north to establish the Harbin Bearing Factory, assisted in the construction of Luoyang Bearing Factory, and built the Northwest Bearing Factory, and has provided hundreds of bearing companies across the country with talents, technology and management support and assistance. ZWZ Made important contributions for China Bearing Industry.

ZWZ is a state-owned assets holding limited liability China Bearing manufacturer with total assets of 7.2 billion, net assets of 3.6 billion, 11,000 employees and operating income of 7 billion yuan. The leading products of ZWZ are major technical equipment supporting bearings, rail transportation bearings, automotive vehicle bearings, wind power new energy bearings, precision machine tools and precision ball screws, and precision large forgings. The company has 8 major product manufacturing bases at home and abroad, a total of 23 manufacturing plants, a national enterprise technology center, a national bearing product testing and testing center, and the only “National Large-scale Bearing Engineering Technology Research Center” in China’s bearing industry. All of the more than 18,000 bearing products of the axle have independent intellectual property rights, accounting for 26% of all the conventional bearing varieties in the world, and meeting the market demand at the rate of developing nearly 1,000 new products each year, and new products account for about 45% of sales revenue. Products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

The company has passed ISO9000, ISO14001, QS9000, ISO18000 and other international management system certifications. ZWZ has won honorary titles such as Liaoning Industrial Award, China Industrial Award, National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, National Enterprise Management Demonstration Enterprise, Liaoning Provincial Integrity Demonstration Enterprise, Bank and Tax AAA Enterprise. For years in a row, the company has been rated as a “contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise” and a “customer satisfaction enterprise.”


At present, ZWZ will be driven by deepening corporate reforms, taking breakthroughs in high-end products and international markets as the main attack direction, and maximizing corporate benefits as the core, fully implementing commanding heights and internationalization strategies, accelerating the transformation of corporate development methods and advancing product structure adjustments. To improve and innovate enterprise management, fully revitalize enterprise resources, further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and strive to build the ZWZ into a large-scale bearing group with international competitiveness.


ZWZ Precision Technology and Manufacturing Industrial Park (South District)

ZWZ and Manufacturing Industrial Park (Southern District), covers an area of 1.05 million square meters, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan, of which 3 billion yuan is invested in industrial fixed assets. Projects for precision functional components and functional parts for heavy trucks are being built here, with a total sales increase of 10 billion yuan after full production.


The automobile bearing production base built in the Southern District has a fixed asset investment of 330 million yuan and a total area of 43,000 square meters. It is currently the world’s largest fully automated heavy-duty truck supporting bearing factory. Equipped with 56 production lines, forming a fully automatic production, research and development, production and manufacturing of automotive bearings in strict accordance with the quality management system standards, online detection, online assembly, and integration of information and industrialization. The products fully meet the supporting needs of the modern automotive industry, and guide the development of automotive bearings into units. At present, the production of automotive bearings by pads has been steadily supplied to many world-renowned companies. The annual output value reaches 370 million yuan.

A 18,000-square-meter spherical roller bearing production factory and a 27,000-square-meter heavy-duty truck bearing factory were built in the Southern District, with a total investment of 320 million yuan. At present, the construction of the plant has been completed. In the first half of the year, it entered the trial operation phase and was put into production in October 2014. A special bearing factory is under construction.

The automation rate of all production lines of the ZWZ (South District) Industrial Park will reach 70%, the labor productivity will reach 1.5 million yuan per capita per year, the project investment recovery period will be 7 years, and the energy consumption per 10,000 yuan output value will be reduced by 40%. The R & D and manufacturing of bearings in the seven strategic emerging industries will be accelerated, and the localization rate of major equipment bearings will reach 75%, which will significantly reduce customer procurement costs. Will use the world’s most advanced research and development design technology, process manufacturing technology and testing and testing technology, with the goal of high-tech industry, high-end products, to build a “leading precision technology, green manufacturing coverage, information technology integration, environmental protection and energy saving standards” modern factory.


Brief Introduction to ZWZ Precision Technology and Manufacturing Industrial Park (North District)

ZWZ Precision Technology and Manufacturing Industrial Park is located in the northwest of Wafangdian City,  3 kilometers from the old factory of Wazhou Group, with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan. 90,000 square meters, the greening coefficient is 31.5%.

The new zone project revolves around the manufacture of major national equipment and precision equipment, replacing imports, and aims at the world’s advanced level, focusing on the development of high-tech, high-speed, high-precision, high-reliability bearing series. At present, the wind power series bearing project, precision machine tool bearing project, major equipment precision bearing project, precision transmission bearing project have all been put into production. Its equipment is all internationally advanced. The annual production capacity of wind power bearings can reach 6,000 units. High-precision bearings for CNC machine tools are now supporting domestic machine tools, and they are currently in a leading position at home and abroad. A series of supporting bearings for high-speed wire rods and wide and thick plate rolling mills has been fully matched for 20 rolling mill production lines including Anshan Iron and Steel. The development of these major products has created the conditions for the development of the national equipment manufacturing industry and the localization of key parts and components, and has also laid the foundation for the development of the axle. In 2013, sales revenue was 1.02 billion yuan.

In 2012, the National Large-scale Bearing Engineering Technology Research Center was put into production in the North District. After a year of hard work, a total investment of 120 million yuan, covering an area of 11,000 square meters and a building area of 18,500 square meters, has built a comprehensive building of a first-class engineering technology research center in China. Seven major bearing test platforms for wind power (energy), rail transportation, and special precision have been completed; large-scale test equipment such as turntable bearing simulation test machines for medical devices, wind power bearing special test machines, and railway bearing performance test machines have been put into operation. ; Newly purchased 160 sets of various types of bearing inspection test research equipment are of international advanced level. The center will be built into a core base of three major functions of technological innovation, technological transformation and personnel training in the field of large-scale bearings in the country. Relying on the “National Large-scale Bearing Engineering Technology Research Center” of Waxing Group in 2009, the Ministry of Science and Technology was included in the first batch of national project technology research center construction project plans. This is the only national large-scale bearing engineering technology research center in the bearing industry. On July 4, 2013, the inspection and acceptance group of the Ministry of Science and Technology came to Waxing to conduct on-site inspection of the construction of the National Large-scale Bearing Engineering Technology Research Center established by ZWZ (China Bearing manufacturer). The acceptance team believes that the bearing is connected to the national large-scale bearing engineering technology research center and is at the forefront of the country and the province. It hopes that the bearing will rely on the platform of technological innovation to build a national scientific and technological innovation base.

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