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Founded  in 1984, Renren Group Co., Ltd. is a group company with China bearing manufacturing as its leading industry. It also has Renren Electromechanical Trade, a full chain of convenience stores and other industries. There are 137 member companies, more than 20,000 employees, assets of 11.09 billion yuan, sales revenue of 17.13 billion yuan in 2018, and completion of profit and tax of 1.21 billion yuan. Renren Group was named “Top 100 Enterprises in China Machinery Industry”, “Top 500 National Private Enterprises”, “Top Ten Enterprises in National Key Industries”, “The Most Competitive Brand in China’s Bearing Industry” “C & U)” is a well-known trademark in China.

The bearing manufacturing industry is the leading industry of C&U Group. The precision low-noise bearings (Z3, Z4 products) are tested by the National Bearing Supervision and Inspection Center. The precision reserve rate is 100%, and the premium rate is 100%. Z3 The group stability rate is 95% … It is in a leading position in the domestic industry and fills the domestic gap. The “people-group 10 million sets of precision low-noise car generator bearing project” was included in the National Science and Technology Development Plan by the Ministry of Science and Technology, is a national torch plan project, and is also listed as a national key new product. C & U bearings have been awarded the title of “Excellent Bearing” in China for many times. Seven major bearing production bases including Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai, Nanchong, Wuhu, and Huangshi have been formed. There are now 65 bearing finished product and accessory manufacturing companies, covering more than 30,000 large, medium and small product specifications. Annual production With a capacity of 1.2 billion sets, it is China’s largest bearing company.

C&U mainly rolling bearings as follows:

1.Deep groove ball bearing

2.Angular contact ball bearings

3.Self-aligning ball bearings

4.Cylindrical Roller Bearings

5.Tapered Roller Bearings

6.Spherical roller bearing

7.Thrust ball bearing

8.Thrust spherical roller bearings

9.Outer spherical bearing

10.Needle roller bearing

11.Water pump bearing

12.Constant velocity universal joint and its assembly for automobile

13.Linear Bearings

14.Turntable bearings

15.Dental drill bearings

C&U also supply bearings for customers applications as follows:

  1. Automotive bearings
  2. Household appliances bearings
  3. Motor / power tools bearings
  4. Motorcycle bearings
  5. Dental drill bearings
  6. Wind power bearings
  7. Metallurgical bearings
  8. High Precision bearings

Automotive bearings

At present, automobiles are developing in terms of light weight, compact structure, solid, high power, good acceleration performance, comfort, durability and high reliability. In addition, due to the advancement of electronic control technology, automobiles have also developed towards practical performance such as low energy consumption, good driving performance, and convenience. Therefore, rolling bearings, as important components for automobile support, must adapt to this development trend.

The C&U Group closely combines these characteristics and is committed to the research and development of automotive bearings, and has developed hub bearing units with inherited ABS pulse generators, long-life gearbox bearings, high-temperature and high-speed electromagnetic clutch bearings, and high-speed sealing performance. Rotary sealed ball bearings, automotive water pump bearings, etc.

Automobile engine

  1. Engine ball bearing
  2. Automotive water pump shaft connection bearing
  3. Needle bearing for engine rocker
  4. Automotive generator bearings
  5. Automotive air-cooled fan bearings 608, 629
  6. Automotive tension wheel bearings
  7. Automotive clutch bearings
  8. Silicone fan bearing
  9. Automotive air conditioning compressor bearings

Car suspension system:

— Tapered bearing for truck axle and differential

— Wheel Bearing

  1. First generation hub bearing
  2. Second generation hub bearing
  3. Third generation hub bearing

— Car gearbox

— Tapered roller bearings for automotive transmissions

— Cylindrical roller bearings for automotive gearboxes

— Automotive transmission ball bearings

— Needle bearings for automotive gearboxes

Household appliances bearings

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have put forward higher requirements for the performance of household appliances. Renren Group has always taken customer satisfaction as its responsibility, and has successfully developed ball bearings with low noise, long life, and high rotation accuracy.

In addition, the high-end household appliance bearings produced by Renren Group can meet the requirements of low noise. It has long-term quietness, long-distance transport resistance, and is suitable for supporting household appliances (air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, dryers, dishwashers, and small appliances). , Ceiling fan, vacuum cleaner, exhaust fan, etc.).

Our goal is to provide quality products to society. After years of exploration and improvement, human-based bearings have successfully replaced imports and become excellent suppliers of air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, range hoods, and vacuum cleaners for Midea, Haier, LG and other companies.

  1. Air conditioner silent bearing

2.Vacuum cleaner high speed bearing

  1. Industrial sewing machine bearings
  2. Bearings for washing machines

Motor / power tool bearings

After years of unremitting efforts, the quality of “C & U” motor bearings has been greatly improved and has been favored by major motor manufacturers.

With the continuous improvement of the quality of motor bearings, the high sealing, low noise and long life performance of motor bearings are more effectively guaranteed. At the same time, due to the improvement of the material and production equipment of motor bearings, the practical reliability of bearings is effectively guaranteed The quality level of the motor series bearings has reached the international advanced level, and it can reliably replace imports in various applications with high reliability requirements. The newly launched “TD” series products are exactly to meet these high-end market demands.

  1. Deep groove ball bearings for motors
  2. Motor bearing
  3. Bearings for power tools

Motorcycle bearings

“C & U” bearings are widely used in motorcycles and four-wheeled mopeds. Most of the motorcycle’s mechanical parts are exposed, and withstand the severe test of high-speed rotation in harsh driving environments. Four-wheeled light vehicles travel on various terrains and different speeds, and require good durability in mud, sand and dust. In order to meet this market requirement, Renren Group provides a variety of bearings with high durability and high sealing performance. In addition, in order to improve the assembly performance of products, the Group has conducted in-depth exploration in the research and development of module products.

  1. crankshaft bearing of motorcycle engine
  2. General Motorcycle Bearings

Dental drill bearings

C & U dental drill bearings are special bearings for dental dentists. The inner and outer rings of the bearing are made of special alloy stainless steel; the ball is made of refined stainless steel or super hard ceramic material, which has good wear resistance; the cage is made of polyimide material with high strength, low wear resistance, and self-lubrication.

High-speed dental drill ball bearings for high-speed dental drill handpieces are interchangeable with bearings in dental drill handpieces produced in Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

— Precision grade: ABEC7 (P4);

— Rotating speed: 350,000-450,000 rpm under the pressure of 200-250Kpa;

— Working life: more than 6 months;

— Performance: ultra-low vibration, ultra-low noise; corrosion resistance, no rust.

Wind power bearings

Wind, this ancient and clean energy, is becoming one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world. In the booming situation of the global wind energy industry, Hangzhou Bearing Group Co., Ltd. has become a slewing bearing industrialization manufacturing company specializing in the production, design, development and manufacture of slewing bearing. The company is based on the machinery industry standards of the People’s Republic of China JB / T2300-1999 and JB / T10705-2007 and construction machinery JG / T66-68-1999 slewing bearing series. It uses extensive domestic and foreign advanced technology, standards, Process method, producing various forms and series of slewing bearing products, widely used in engineering, construction, mining, metallurgy, ships, ports, petroleum, chemical, light industry, environmental protection, aviation, wind power generation, instrumentation and other industries, Products are exported to Germany, South Korea, the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Textile machinery bearings

Textile machinery bearings are used in harsh environments and require long life, heavy load, high speed, low noise, and smooth operation. The textile machinery bearings developed by Renren Group have outstanding performance and have been matched to many domestic textile machinery factories. C & U’s special-purpose bearings for air-jet spinning machines can rotate smoothly at high speeds. They have the characteristics of small amplitude, low noise, long service life, and convenient maintenance. The upper roller bearing has good sealing performance, flexible rotation, low friction, stable operation and low power consumption after pressurization. The lower roller bearing has the characteristics of good self-aligning effect, superior dust-proof performance, strong bearing capacity, stable operation and long service life.

  1. Spindle bearings of cotton spinning machine series
  2. Spherical spherical ball bearings
  3. Chemical fiber machine series high-speed winding head bearings
  4. Lower roller bearing of cotton spinning machine series
  5. Special bearings for air spinning machines
  6. Special bearings for chemical fiber texturing machine series
  7. Textile Machinery Tensioner
  8. Special bearing for weaving machine series
  9. Inch and non-standard bearings

Metallurgical bearings

Hangzhou Renben Metallurgical Bearing Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Hangzhou Bearing Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group. It was reorganized from the former Hangzhou Bearing Factory Metallurgical Bearing Branch. The history of the company’s production of metallurgical bearings can be traced back to the 1980’s. It is a designated manufacturer of the former National Metallurgical Ministry Parts Supply Service Center.

The company has strong technology and rich manufacturing experience, modern management system, advanced management technology, complete bearing processing equipment, and perfect measurement and detection methods. The company produces more than 100 kinds of metallurgical rolling mill bearings with three accuracy levels (P0, P6, P5) throughout the year. It provides steel manufacturers with four-row cylindrical roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, four-point contact ball bearings, double Angular contact ball bearings and slewing bearings, split cylindrical roller bearings, etc. Products are widely used in metallurgy, rolling mills, mining, petroleum, heavy machinery, cement, papermaking, sugar extraction, engineering machinery and other industries. The company proactively adopts new materials and new processes to develop various non-standard bearings required by users for trial production, such as rolling mill roller bearings, rolled steel bearings and other products; metallurgical rolling mill bearings produced by bainite heat treatment process are resistant to fatigue and impact And long life. Its stable product quality has won unanimous praise from customers.

1.Metallurgical rolling mill bearing
2.Tapered roller bearings
3.Split cylindrical roller bearings
4.Single row cylindrical roller bearing
5.Four-row cylindrical roller bearings

High Precision bearings

With the rapid development of numerical control technology, “composite, high-speed, intelligent, precise, and environmentally friendly” has become the main trend in the technology development of today’s equipment manufacturing industry. Among them, high-speed processing can effectively improve the processing efficiency of the machine tool and shorten the processing cycle of the workpiece. This requires the machine tool spindle and its related components to adapt to the needs of high-speed processing. At present, CNC machine tool spindle bearings are basically limited to four types of structure: angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, two-way thrust angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings.

Hangzhou Renben Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. is a key investment project of Renben Group. The company specializes in R & D and production of high-precision angular contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. Its products are positioned as “the first in the country and world-class”. At present, the company has developed more than 100 specifications of P5 grade and above precision bearings from the inner diameter of 10㎜ to the outer diameter of 200㎜. The main varieties are C (contact angle 15 °), AC (contact angle 25 °) and B (contact angle). 40 °) and other series. There are three kinds of cage materials commonly used in the products: tape cage (T), copper cage (M) and nylon cage (TN1).

Products are widely used in precision machine tool spindles, precision instrument spindles, high-speed motors, traction machines, industrial pumps, screw air compressors, beach motorcycle wheels, reducers, automotive engines, textile machinery, petroleum machinery, woodworking machinery, ceramic machinery, Engraving machinery and other industries.

1. Special bearings for machine tool spindle series
2. Special bearings for industrial pump series
3. Special bearings for high-speed spindle series
4. Super-precision angular contact ball bearings
5. P4 level angular contact ball bearings
6. NN series double row cylindrical roller bearings
7. B series angular contact ball bearings

Double-row spherical roller bearings produced by Hangzhou Renben Bearing Co., Ltd. The outer diameter range of the dimension section is D52-260mm. The main varieties are CA, CAK, CA / W33, CAK / W33, CC, CA-2RS, E / W33, E-2RS, E and other nine series.

The company has recently invested in a large model production line. After it is in place, the bearing outer diameter dimension range will be expanded to D52-540mm, and the model range is 21304–22260. Divided into common products and TD products according to production process, the main application fields are food machinery, textile machinery, washing machinery, construction machinery, industrial reduction machinery, woodworking machinery, papermaking machinery, mining machinery, coal mining machinery, lifting machinery, engineering machinery, Large-scale transportation equipment, chemical machinery, petroleum machinery, metallurgical industry, large steel mills, cement plants, energy industries, etc. The target customer group for product positioning is mid-to-high-end customers, replacing imports.

1.Special bearings for Elevating industry

2.Special bearings for the grain machinery industry

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