Universal joint bearing China manufacturer Top 1

Wanxiang Group was founded in 1969. It started from Lu Guanqiu’s establishment of an agricultural machinery repair plant on the bank of the Qiantang River with 4,000 yuan. At an average annual rate of 25.89%, it has developed into a modern multinational with revenues exceeding 100 billion and profits exceeding 10 billion. Enterprise Group. Wanxiang is one of the 120 pilot enterprise groups of the State Council and the only auto parts company among the 520 key enterprises of the country. It is one of the 16 companies that have entered the international competitiveness of the world famous brand. “. Most of the universal bearings are automotive bearings, Tapered roller bearing,Universal joint bearing, which has the advantage of protecting the performance of the automobile during use while matching the environment and life of the automobile bearing. The main business of the group is the manufacture of auto parts, and its leading products include 12 series of 5 systems including automotive transmission systems, braking systems, steering systems, suspension systems, and emissions systems.

Wanxiang is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of auto parts, and is one of the representative enterprises of auto parts manufacturing in China. Wanxiang has established a 6-square-kilometer manufacturing base in China, and has established stable cooperative relations with FAW, SAIC, SAIC, GAC, etc., and its leading product market share is more than 65%. Overseas, it has nearly 30 companies, more than 40 factories in 10 countries including the United States, Britain, Germany and more than 16,000 overseas employees. It is a supporting partner of GM, Volkswagen, Ford, Chrysler and other major international auto manufacturers, leading the market share of products. The rate is 12%.

In 1999, Wanxiang began to deploy clean energy and vigorously developed industries such as batteries, electric vehicles, natural gas power generation, and wind power generation, with a cumulative investment of billions of yuan. In recent years, Wanxiang has cooperated with a number of American clean energy companies with advanced international technology, and cooperated with SAIC to produce new energy buses. Karma Automobile has reached an important partnership with BMW. Now, Wanxiang concentrates on the advantages accumulated in 49 years, and plans to invest more than 200 billion yuan to start the construction of “Wanxiang Innovation and Energy Concentration City”. The goal is to build an international, high-tech clean energy company.

In addition, Wanxiang actively responded to the call for nurturing agriculture and engaged in research and development of seed industry, offshore fishing and deep processing of marine products. There are 7 companies, including 3 listed companies, which directly drive more than 400,000 farmers to become rich.

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