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CoatMaster spherical roller bearing, The High quality design of XRB for top quality demand market, CoatMaster will be start its industrial service for the high end market in the world. it quality can meet 70% of FAG. we will introduce CoatMaster quality in coming news of XRB.

Spherical roller bearing also named self aligning roller bearing, it is a kind of radial bearing, It can bear radial load and two direction radial and axial load, The spherical roller bearing has larger radial bearing capacity and the function of self-aligning, Lower requirements for machining accuracy of casing. So this factor can Avoid installation error or shaft deflection affecting the use of bearings and Moreover, it has high resistance to vibration and impact.

The structure type of double row develops rapidly, From the initial use of asymmetrical spherical roller to the later use of symmetrical spherical roller, The symmetrical spherical roller bearing changes the situation that the force on the middle flange of the inner ring is large, Make the roller stress concentrate on the maximum diameter of the roller, The thickness of the middle retaining ring is reduced, the length of the roller is increased correspondingly, and the bearing capacity is improved, we call this enhanced type spherical roller bearing, the suffix will be C or CA.

Like the self-aligning ball bearing, the Spherical roller bearing also has the self-aligning property, However, due to the large contact surface between the roller and the raceway, its friction capacity is much higher than that of the self-aligning ball bearing. Because the self-aligning roller bearing also has great friction resistance in rotation, the limit speed of this kind of bearing is lower than that of the ball bearing, However, it is different from the line contact between the roller and the raceway in the tapered roller bearing, and the limit speed is higher than that of the tapered roller bearing.

Common structure types of self aligning roller bearing1.Basic type of spherical roller bearing 20000C, Asymmetric spherical roller bearing Type 20000
2.Tapered bore spherical roller bearings 20000CK (1:12) and 20000 CK30 (1:30). This kind of bearing is installed on the tapered shaft by the taper of inner diameter, Using the axial displacement of the bearing to meet the requirements of the interference with the shaft. It avoids the complex operation of heating installation due to large interference and the problems of easy installation and hard dismount. Of course, the increase of interference will correspondingly reduce the radial clearance of the bearing.

The structure of the tapered bore spherical roller bearing acting together with the adapter sleeve is 20000C + H000 type. The model of H000 Adapter sleeve has been generalized and standardized, and can be used with bearings with various tapered bore. This kind of structure bearing can be installed on the optical shaft without shaft shoulder, which meets the requirement of adjusting the fit interference, and avoids the difficult problem that the taper angle of the tapered shaft is difficult to control, which makes the bearing installation and dismount more convenient.

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