What is Electrically Insulated Bearing?

The electrically insulated bearing is the general term of the bearing which can prevent the current from passing through and has the insulating property,Its insulation performance is usually to process a layer of alumina coating on the outer ring or inner ring of the bearing by using the international advanced technology to withstand the voltage DC,It is generally divided into inner ring coated insulated bearing and outer ring coated electrically insulated bearing. Its basic coating can withstand voltage up to 1000 V DC. Its code adopts international bearing code. this kind of bearing designed by SKF.

Special spraying process is adopted for the electric insulated bearing. The outer surface of the bearing is sprayed with high-quality coating, which has strong binding force with the substrate and good insulation performance. It can avoid the electric erosion of the induction current to the bearing, prevent the damage of the current to the grease, the rolling element and the raceway, and electrically insulated bearing improve the service life of the bearing. The process has been improved continuously. In the insulating bearing, there is a layer of 100 μ m thick coating on the outer or inner ring surface, which can withstand the voltage of up to 1000 V DC A special spraying process can form a coating with uniform thickness and strong adhesion, which can be further treated to avoid the influence of moisture and humidity. Electrically insulated bearings are widely used in electric motors and generators, especially in frequency conversion motors, which are widely used in electric power industry, railway industry, mechanical metallurgy industry, mining machinery industry, petrochemical industry, high-voltage motors and other industries.


CoatMaster can provide various types of insulated bearings

  1. Electrically insulated deep groove ball bearing
  2. Electrically insulated angular contact ball bearing
  3. Electrically insulated cylindrical roller bearing
  4. Electrically insulated tapered roller bearing
  5. Electrically insulated spherical roller bearing
  6. Electrically insulated spherical roller thrust bearing
  7. Electrically insulated linear motion bearing
  8. Inner or outer ring insulated bearing with oxide coating
  9. Hybrid bearing with electric insulating ceramic rolling element

The electric insulated bearing can avoid the damage caused by the electric corrosion, so compared with the ordinary bearing, it can guarantee the operation more reliable. Compared with other insulation methods, such as shaft or shell insulation, it is more cost-effective and reliable. The external dimensions and basic technical characteristics of insulated bearings are the same as those of uninsulated bearings, so they can be 100% interchanged. It is suitable for motors and generators, especially for variable frequency motors.

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