What are Electrically Insulated Bearing?

Electrically Insulated bearing refers to the general term of the bearing with insulating property, which can block the current passing through the bearing itself. Its insulating property is usually guaranteed by coating a layer of insulating material on the outer or inner ring of the bearing with a special process, or its rolling element is made of ceramics. Let us talk more about the electrically insulated bearing as follows:

Electrically Insulated bearing is a brand new bearing product integrating mechanical, electrical, material and other multidisciplinary technologies. Compared with the traditional bearing, it increases the function of insulating the bearing itself, which is specially designed to prevent electrolytic corrosion. It has long service life and high reliability than normal rolling bearings. It has begun to be used in railway locomotive traction main motor, hydraulic power generation, thermal power generation, wind power equipment motor, coal mine machinery motor and other occasions that are vulnerable to electric shock or stray current.

After spraying, the coating shows a certain amount of open and interconnected pores, a common property of thermal spray coatings. The amount and appearance of porosity depend strongly on the coating process parameters. It is easy to understand that porosity closing, “sealing”, is crucial in thermal spray processing. This reduces the risk of corrosion, improves the mechanical properties and keeps the insulating properties constant, which is very important in humid climates.


  1. Ceramic coating

1) coating thickness: 0.2mm ~ 0.4mm

2) insulation resistance: greater than or equal to 10m Ω

3) breakdown voltage: more than 1000V


2. Special PPS coating

1) coating thickness: 0.2mm ~ 0.4mm

2) insulation resistance: greater than or equal to 100m Ω

3) breakdown voltage: more than 1000V

The electric insulated bearing is the general term of the bearing which can prevent the current from passing through and has the insulating property,Its insulation performance is usually to process a layer of alumina coating on the outer ring or inner ring of the bearing by using the international advanced technology to withstand the voltage DC,It is generally divided into inner ring coated insulated bearing and outer ring coated electrically insulated bearing. Its basic coating can withstand voltage up to 1000 V DC. Its code adopts international bearing code.

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  1. Electrically insulated deep groove ball bearing
  2. Electrically insulated angular contact ball bearing
  3. Electrically insulated cylindrical roller bearing
  4. Electrically insulated tapered roller bearing
  5. Electrically insulated spherical roller bearing
  6. Electrically insulated spherical roller thrust bearing
  7. Electrically insulated linear motion bearing
  8. Inner or outer ring insulated bearing with oxide coating
  9. Hybrid bearing with electric insulating ceramic rolling element

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