Full complement cylindrical roller bearings are capable of carrying higher radial loads than bearings that utilize a cage and roller design


• Full complement construction, no cage included

• Largest possible amount of rolling elements, so very high radial load carrying capacity, high rigidity and suitable for particularly compact designs

• The design of the outer ring facilitates a great amount

of internal axial float capacity


• General machine industry

• Gear drives

• Rolling mills

• Crop shears


• Non locating bearings: only radial load carrying capacity

• Semi locating bearings: besides a high radial load carrying capacity, also a small axial load

carryingcapacity in one direction. This enables the bearing to locate a shaft unidirectional.

• Locating bearings: in addition to high radial load capacity also capable of carrying small axial load in both directions.

Full complement cylindrical roller bearings are designed to withstand heavy loads. Under the same width, this kind of bearing has extremely high bearing capacity compared with the traditional bearing with cage, and the radial section is small, which can save space, but the speed is relatively low. In order to make the bearing work normally, in the case of continuous operation, the bearing must bear a certain minimum load, that is, C/P<25. Otherwise, wear will be aggravated due to insufficient lubrication and high-speed operation. All multi-row cylindrical roller bearings have a lubrication groove and lubrication holes in the outer ring.

The full complement cylindrical roller bearing has two inner rings, which are connected together by a clamping ring and cannot be separated. Due to the large distance between the two rows of rollers, it can also withstand overturning moments. There are two retaining grooves on the surface of the outer ring, which can be positioned axially. This type of bearing is equipped with contact sealing rings on both sides and lithium base grease inside, and the operating temperature is limited to -40℃~+80℃. Under certain conditions, this type of bearing does not need maintenance, but when there is water vapor or pollution during operation, and often at medium or high speed, it must be lubricated. In the case of oil lubrication, it is necessary to remove the sealing ring and clean the grease in the bearing. When oil lubrication is used, the running time is increased by 30%.



Interchange code



d (bore diameter) mm D (outer diameter) mm
min max min max
NCF SL 18 semi locating 20 670 42 820
NJG SL 19 semi locating 25 110 62 240
NNF SL 04 locating 20 300 42 460
NNC SL 01 locating 60 380 85 480
NNCF SL 18 50 semi locating 20 380 42 560
NNCL SL 02 non locating 60 380 85 520



• Single inner ring with two fixed flanges

• Single outer ring with one fixed flange

• On the flangeless side of the outer ring is a retaining ring inserted which keeps the bearing

components together

• The retaining ring is for handling purposes only, it cannot be exposed to axial load

• Outer ring is located with a snap ring


• Inner ring with one flange and one free side

• Single outer ring with two fixed flanges

• Special: Mainly for applications with very high radial load at low rotational speed

• Standard: self-retaining set of rollers so the rollers cannot fall out even if the inner ring is

removed, which simplifies the assembly


• Inner ring with 3 fixed flanges

• Two outer rings with internal flange

• Oil groove and holes in outer ring


• 2 identical inner rings held together with metallic spring

• Single outer ring with a fixed central flange

• Oil groove and holes in both rings

• PP: sealed on both sides and lubricated

• 2NR: 2 snap rings


• Inner ring with 3 fixed flanges

• Single outer ring with one fixed flange

• Outer ring located with one snap ring which keeps all bearing components together

• Oil groove and holes in outer ring


• Inner ring with 3 fixed flanges

• Single outer ring with one fixed flange

• Outer ring located with a central snap ring to keep all bearing components together

• Oil groove and holes in outer ring

NNC 4830 CV SL014830 NNCL 4830 CV SL024830
NNC 4832 CV SL014832 NNCL 4832 CV SL024832
NNC 4834 CV SL014834 NNCL 4834 CV SL024834
NNC 4836 CV SL014836 NNCL 4836 CV SL024836
NNC 4838 CV SL014838 NNCL 4838 CV SL024838
NNC 4840 CV SL014840 NNCL 4840 CV SL024840
NNC 4844 CV SL014844 NNCL 4844 CV SL024844
NNC 4848 CV SL014848 NNCL 4848 CV SL024848
NNC 4852 CV SL014852 NNCL 4852 CV SL024852
NNC 4856 CV SL014856 NNCL 4856 CV SL024856
NNC 4860 CV SL014860 NNCL 4860 CV SL024860
NNC 4864 CV SL014864 NNCL 4864 CV SL024864
NNC 4868 CV SL014868 NNCL 4868 CV SL024868
NNC 4872 CV SL014872 NNCL 4872 CV SL024872
NNC 4876 CV SL014876 NNCL 4876 CV SL024876
NNC 4880 CV SL014880 NNCL 4880 CV SL024880
NNC 4912 CV SL014912 NNCL 4884 CV SL024884
NNC 4914 CV SL014914 NNCL 4888 CV SL024888
NNC 4916 CV SL014916 NNCL 4892 CV SL024892
NNC 4918 CV SL014918 NNCL 4896 CV SL024896
NNC 4920 CV SL014920 NNCL 48/500 CV SL02 48/500
NNC 4922 CV SL014922 NNCL 4912 CV SL024912
NNC 4924 CV SL014924 NNCL 4914 CV SL024914
NNC 4926 CV SL014926 NNCL 4916 CV SL024916
NNC 4928 CV SL014928 NNCL 4918 CV SL024918
NNC 4930 CV SL014930 NNCL 4920 CV SL024920
NNC 4932 CV SL014932 NNCL 4922 CV SL024922
NNC 4934 CV SL014934 NNCL 4924 CV SL024924
NNC 4936 CV SL014936 NNCL 4926 CV SL024926
NNC 4938 CV SL014938 NNCL 4928 CV SL024928
NNC 4940 CV SL014940 NNCL 4930 CV SL024930
NNC 4944 CV SL014944 NNCL 4932 CV SL024932
NNC 4948 CV SL014948 NNCL 4934 CV SL024934
NNC 4952 CV SL014952 NNCL 4936 CV SL024936
NNC 4956 CV SL014956 NNCL 4938 CV SL024938
NNC 4960 CV SL014960 NNCL 4940 CV SL024940
NNC 4964 CV SL014964 NNCL 4944 CV SL024944
NNC 4968 CV SL014968 NNCL 4948 CV SL024948
NNC 4972 CV SL014972 NNCL 4952 CV SL024952
NNC 4976 CV SL014976 NNCL 4956 CV SL024956
NNC 4980 CV SL014980 NNCL 4960 CV SL024960
NNCL 4964 CV SL024964
NNCL 4968 CV SL024968
NNCL 4972 CV SL024972
NNCL 4976 CV SL024976
NNCL 4980 CV SL024980
NNCL 4984 CV SL024984
      NNF 130-ZLSNV  SL04130 PP NNCF 5004 CV SL185004
      NNF 140-ZLSNV  SL04140 PP NNCF 5005 CV SL185005
      NNF 150-ZLSNV  SL04150 PP NNCF 5006 CV SL185006
      NNF 160-ZLSNV  SL04160 PP NNCF 5007 CV SL185007
      NNF 170-ZLSNV  SL04170 PP NNCF 5008 CV SL185008
      NNF 180-ZLSNV  SL04180 PP NNCF 5009 CV SL185009
      NNF 190-ZLSNV  SL04190 PP NNCF 5010 CV SL185010
      NNF 200-ZLSNV  SL04200 PP NNCF 5011 CV SL185011
      NNF 220-ZLSNV  SL04220 PP NNCF 5012 CV SL185012
      NNF 240-ZLSNV  SL04240 PP NNCF 5013 CV SL185013
      NNF 260-ZLSNV  SL04260 PP NNCF 5014 CV SL185014
      NNF 300-ZLSNV  SL04300 PP NNCF 5015 CV SL185015
     NNF 5004-ZLSNV SL045004 PP NNCF 5016 CV SL185016
     NNF 5005-ZLSNV SL045005 PP NNCF 5017 CV SL185017
     NNF 5006-ZLSNV SL045006 PP NNCF 5018 CV SL185018
     NNF 5007-ZLSNV SL045007 PP NNCF 5020 CV SL185020
     NNF 5008-ZLSNV SL045008 PP NNCF 5022 CV SL185022
     NNF 5009-ZLSNV SL045009 PP NNCF 5024 CV SL185024
     NNF 5010-ZLSNV SL045010 PP NNCF 5026 CV SL185026
     NNF 5011-ZLSNV SL045011 PP NNCF 5028 CV SL185028
     NNF 5012-ZLSNV SL045012 PP NNCF 5030 CV SL185030
     NNF 5013-ZLSNV SL045013 PP NNCF 5032 CV SL185032
     NNF 5014-ZLSNV SL045014 PP NNCF 5034 CV SL185034
     NNF 5015-ZLSNV SL045015 PP NNCF 5036 CV SL185036
     NNF 5016-ZLSNV SL045016 PP NNCF 5038 CV SL185038
     NNF 5017-ZLSNV SL045017 PP NNCF 5040 CV SL185040
     NNF 5018-ZLSNV SL045018 PP NNCF 5044 CV SL185044
     NNF 5019-ZLSNV SL045019 PP NNCF 5048 CV SL185048
     NNF 5020-ZLSNV SL045020 PP NNCF 5052 CV SL185052
     NNF 5022-ZLSNV SL045022 PP NNCF 5056 CV SL185056
     NNF 5024-ZLSNV SL045024 PP NNCF 5060 CV SL185060
     NNF 5026-ZLSNV SL045026 PP NNCF 5064 CV SL185064
     NNF 5028-ZLSNV SL045028 PP NNCF 5068 CV SL185068
     NNF 5030-ZLSNV SL045030 PP NNCF 5072 CV SL185072
     NNF 5032-ZLSNV SL045032 PP NNCF 5076 CV SL185076
     NNF 5034-ZLSNV SL045034 PP NNCF 5080 CV SL185080
     NNF 5036-ZLSNV SL045036 PP NNCF 5084 CV SL185084
     NNF 5038-ZLSNV SL045038 PP NNCF 5088 CV SL185088
     NNF 5040-ZLSNV SL045040 PP NNCF 5092 CV SL185092
     NNF 5044-ZLSNV SL045044 PP NNCF 5096 CV SL185096
     NNF 5048-ZLSNV SL045048 PP NNCF 50/500 CV SL18 50/500
     NNF 5052-ZLSNV SL045052 PP
     NNF 5056-ZLSNV SL045056 PP
     NNF 5060-ZLSNV SL045060 PP
 NCF 1840 CV    SL181840  NCF 2240 CV    SL182240
 NCF 1844 CV    SL181844  NCF 2912 CV    SL182912
 NCF 1848 CV    SL181848  NCF 2913 CV    SL182913
 NCF 1852 CV    SL181852  NCF 2914 CV    SL182914
 NCF 1856 CV    SL181856  NCF 2915 CV    SL182915
 NCF 1860 CV    SL181860  NCF 2916 CV    SL182916
 NCF 1864 CV    SL181864  NCF 2917 CV    SL182917
 NCF 1868 CV    SL181868  NCF 2918 CV    SL182918
 NCF 1872 CV    SL181872  NCF 2919 CV    SL182919
 NCF 1876 CV    SL181876  NCF 2920 CV    SL182920
 NCF 1880 CV    SL181880  NCF 2922 CV    SL182922
 NCF 1884 CV    SL181884  NCF 2924 CV    SL182924
 NCF 1888 CV    SL181888  NCF 2926 CV    SL182926
 NCF 1892 CV    SL181892  NCF 2928 CV    SL182928
 NCF 1896 CV    SL181896  NCF 2930 CV    SL182930
       NCF 18/500 CV SL18 18/500  NCF 2932 CV    SL182932
       NCF 18/530 CV SL18 18/530  NCF 2934 CV    SL182934
       NCF 18/560 CV SL18 18/560  NCF 2936 CV    SL182936
       NCF 18/600 CV SL18 18/600  NCF 2938 CV    SL182938
       NCF 18/630 CV SL18 18/630  NCF 2940 CV    SL182940
       NCF 18/670 CV SL18 18/670  NCF 2944 CV    SL182944
       NCF 29/500 CV SL18 29/500  NCF 2948 CV    SL182948
 NCF 2204 CV    SL182204  NCF 2952 CV    SL182952
 NCF 2205 CV    SL182205  NCF 2956 CV    SL182956
 NCF 2206 CV    SL182206  NCF 2960 CV    SL182960
 NCF 2207 CV    SL182207  NCF 2964 CV    SL182964
 NCF 2208 CV    SL182208  NCF 2968 CV    SL182968
 NCF 2209 CV    SL182209  NCF 2972 CV    SL182972
 NCF 2210 CV    SL182210  NCF 2976 CV    SL182976
 NCF 2211 CV    SL182211  NCF 2980 CV    SL182980
 NCF 2212 CV    SL182212  NCF 2984 CV    SL182984
 NCF 2213 CV    SL182213  NCF 2988 CV    SL182988
 NCF 2214 CV    SL182214  NCF 2992 CV    SL182992
 NCF 2215 CV    SL182215  NCF 2996 CV    SL182996
 NCF 2216 CV    SL182216  NCF 3004 CV    SL183004
 NCF 2217 CV    SL182217  NCF 3005 CV    SL183005
 NCF 2218 CV    SL182218  NCF 3006 CV    SL183006
 NCF 2219 CV    SL182219  NCF 3007 CV    SL183007
 NCF 2220 CV    SL182220  NCF 3008 CV    SL183008
 NCF 2222 CV    SL182222  NCF 3009 CV    SL183009
 NCF 2224 CV    SL182224  NCF 3010 CV    SL183010
 NCF 2226 CV    SL182226  NCF 3011 CV    SL183011
 NCF 2228 CV    SL182228  NCF 3012 CV    SL183012
 NCF 2230 CV    SL182230  NCF 3013 CV    SL183013
 NCF 2234 CV    SL182234  NCF 3014 CV    SL183014
 NCF 2236 CV    SL182236  NCF 3015 CV    SL183015
 NCF 2238 CV    SL182238  NCF 3016 CV    SL183016
 NCF 3017 CV    SL183017  NJG 2305 VH    SL192305
 NCF 3018 CV    SL183018  NJG 2306 VH    SL192306
 NCF 3020 CV    SL183020  NJG 2307 VH    SL192307
 NCF 3022 CV    SL183022  NJG 2308 VH    SL192308
 NCF 3024 CV    SL183024  NJG 2309 VH    SL192309
 NCF 3026 CV    SL183026  NJG 2310 VH    SL192310
 NCF 3028 CV    SL183028  NJG 2311 VH    SL192311
 NCF 3030 CV    SL183030  NJG 2312 VH    SL192312
 NCF 3032 CV    SL183032  NJG 2313 VH    SL192313
 NCF 3034 CV    SL183034  NJG 2314 VH    SL192314
 NCF 3036 CV    SL183036  NJG 2316 VH    SL192316
 NCF 3038 CV    SL183038  NJG 2317 VH    SL192317
 NCF 3040 CV    SL183040  NJG 2318 VH    SL192318
 NCF 3044 CV    SL183044  NJG 2319 VH    SL192319
 NCF 3048 CV    SL183048  NJG 2320 VH    SL192320
 NCF 3052 CV    SL183052  NJG 2322 VH    SL192322
 NCF 3056 CV    SL183056  NJG 2324 VH    SL192324
 NCF 3060 CV    SL183060
 NCF 3064 CV    SL183064
 NCF 3068 CV    SL183068
 NCF 3072 CV    SL183072
 NCF 3076 CV    SL183076
 NCF 3080 CV    SL183080