Sealed spherical roller bearing is an upgraded design of the spherical roller bearing. Like ordinary open spherical roller bearings, it has two rows of drum rollers, one spherical raceway on the outer ring and two rollers on the inner ring. The raceway is inclined at an angle relative to the bearing axis. The raceway has a certain radian. According to the different designs of the rollers and cages, there are different processing methods. In addition, there is a sealing design at both ends of the bearing (the sealing cover is made of nitrile rubber), which can prevent the entry of dust, particles, and dust, and can keep lubricating oil or grease in a sealed environment to lubricate the raceway and reduce The temperature of the bearing during operation), so as to ensure the normal operation between the raceway and the roller of the bearing, and ensure the service life of the bearing.

The radian design of the raceway makes it have self-aligning performance, so it is not easily affected by the angle between the shaft and the bearing housing on the error or shaft bending, and is suitable for the occasions where the installation error or the shaft disturbance causes the angle error. In addition to radial loads, the bearings can also withstand axial loads acting in both directions.


Typical customer requirements

  • Long service life
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Compact arrangements
  • Accommodate misalignment
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • Few unplanned stops
  • Environmental sustainability
  • High availability
  • Technical support

Industrial segments

  • Metallurgy
  • Mining and construction
  • Fluid machinery
  • Material handling
  • Industrial gearboxes
  • Textile industry
  • Railways
  • Energy


Heavy cranes are critical to many industrial processes but must work harder than ever before.

This puts individual rotating components at greater risk of failure. This, in turn, raises the chance of a crane breakdown, and unplanned downtime. Despite this, maintenance time and resources are often lacking.

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Forklift trucks
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Spherical roller bearing have many kinds of design like

NSK sperical roller bearing types EA, C, CD, CA, which are designed for high load capacity, are available. Types EA, C, and CD have pressed steel cages; and type CA has machined brass cages. Type EA has especially high load capacity, features low torque, and has a high-strength cage.

An oil groove and holes are provided in the outer ring to supply lubricant and the bearing numbers are suffixed with E4.

To use bearings with oil grooves and holes, it is recommended to provide an oil groove in the housing bore, since the depth of the groove in the bearing is limited.

FAG Spherical roller bearing E1 design provides an even higher radial and axial load carrying capacity and lower bearing temperatures along with improved safety against ring fracture, which increases both the operational reliability and the cost-effectiveness

of the bearing. The new E1 design covers the entire range of the previous E design. And also FAG can supply EAS.M Brass cage, TVPB, T41A, E1-TVPB, E1K.T41A,MB  brass cage design.

Sweden Spherical roller bearings are characterized by their self-aligning ability and high load-carrying capacity. They are designed to accommodate radial load or combined radial and axial load.

Sweden spherical roller bearings have E brass cage, CC/W33, CA/W33, CCJA/W33, EJA/W33, VA405 cage design, most of the Top 10 bearing manufacturer in the world all have the sealed spherical roller bearings design, as well as TIMKEN Bearing, NTN bearing and ZKL Bearing,ZWZ Bearing.CoatMaster Bearing and EASIER brand from China.