China Mounted Pillow Block Bearing Unit

Detailed Product Description

Dimension: 20×65×127×38mm Weight: 0.66kg
Bearing: UC204 Housing: P204
Material Of Housing: Cast Iron Element Of Bearing: Steel Ball

Cast Iron Pillow Block Bearing Units UCP204 Bearing is one kind of ball bearing units design. it consist of Pillow Block Bearings UC204 And Pillow Block P204. Its dimension is 20×65×127×38mm, it means the shaft size 20mm, the height of the bearing units is 65mm, the length is 127mm,the width of the housing is 38mm, weight is 0.66kg, the material of the pillow block bearing UC204 are adopt high quality chrome steel, and the material of the pillow block P204 is cast iron, UCP series are not only Pillow Block Bearing Units,but also UCT Housing ,UCF Housing ,UCFLHousing ,UCPA Housing ,UCPH Housing ,UCHA Housing series and so on.

Cast Iron Pillow Block Bearing Units UCP204-UCP220
Principal dimensions Inner ring 12mm-100mm, Metric and Inch size design
Material Cast Iron, Stamped Steel, Thermoplastic Materials
Brand CoatMaster
Origin China
Package  Single Box and then Cartons
Delivery time 2days to 30 days according to quantity
Quality ABEC-1/3, suitable for high speed and heavy duty

Cast Iron Pillow Block Bearing Units can accommodate moderate initial misalignment, but normally do not permit axial displacement. They are ready-to-mount, ready-to-use units and available,the material of the housing can be also stainless steel, composite material,grey cast iron and sheet steel. Pillow block bearing units provide designers with considerable freedom of choice so that compromises can be avoided. Numerous standard series Y-bearing units are available.

Composition of Pillow block bearing units

  • an insert bearing (a single row deep groove ball bearing) with a convex sphered outside diameter
  • a housing, which has a correspondingly sphered but concave bore

1 Outer ring

2 Sphered outer surface

3 Lubrication hole

4 Inner ring

5 Bore

6 Cage

7 Ball

8 Integral seal

9 Flinger

10 Eccentric locking collar

11 Grub (set) screw

Cast Iron Pillow Block Bearing Units UCP204

Application Of Pillow block bearing units
— Agricultural machinery,
— Construction equipment,
— Conveyor systems,
— Textile machines and fans
— Machines for food
— Beverage processing and packaging.

Bearing Unit consists of a set of bearing and bearing housing. Or named bearing with pillow block. Most of People say bearing unit are the same with pillow block bearings, But actually Bearing unit have so many kinds of design, Pillow Block Bearings are the most widely used on kinds of Bearing unit the market. According to the type of bearing, there are ball bearing unit, roller bearing unit, ball bearing unit also have insert ball bearing unit(pillow block bearing unit), linear bearing unit and self-aligning ball bearing unit; The roller bearing unit have spherical roller bearing unit. Tapered roller bearing unit. According to different applications, there are have different design just like high-temperature bearing units, stainless steel bearing units, high-speed bearing units, maintenance-free bearing units, ceramic bearing units, corrosion-resistant bearing units, etc.; Bearing housing(Pillow Block or Plummer Block) include cast iron, ductile cast iron, heat-resistant plastic, Stainless steel, ceramic and other designs of different materials. The seals of Bearing Unit we can provide four-star seals, maintenance-free seals, pillow block colors we can produce black, blue and green colour.

Mounted Pillow Block Ball Bearing Unit is one of the most used and widely used types in the market, we can produce a full range of Bearing unit. Here we introduce the ball bearing unit as follows:

Ball Bearing Unit is a kind of bearing unit which combines rolling bearing with bearing housing. Most of the Ball Bearing Unit are made of spherical surface, and are installed with bearing pedestal with spherical inner holes. They have various structure forms, good universality and interchangeability. The internal structure of Pillow Block Bearings is the same as that of deep groove ball bearing.

China pillow block bearing

Although its basic performance should be similar to that of deep groove ball bearings, because this kind of bearings are mostly used in rougher machinery, the installation and positioning are not accurate enough, the axis of the shaft and the seat hole are poorly aligned, or the shaft is long and deflection In the case of large-scale bearings, the accuracy of the bearing itself is not high enough, and some structures are relatively rough, so the actual performance of the deep groove ball bearing of the same specification will be discounted. For example: the Pillow Block Bearings with top wire is applied to the through shaft with large rigidity difference and large deflection. This kind of bearing has seal rings on both sides to prevent the intrusion of dirt. It has been filled before leaving the factory.

The performance of the Ball Bearing Unit with eccentric sleeve and the Pillow Block Ball Bearings with top wire are basically the same, except that the top wire is not on the inner ring, but on the eccentric sleeve. The inner hole of the tapered Pillow Block Bearings is a tapered hole with a taper of 1:12, which can be directly installed on a tapered shaft or on an optical shaft without a shoulder with the aid of a tightening bushing, and the bearing clearance can be fine-tuned.

Ball Bearing Unit have many kinds of design

1. Pillow Block Bearing Units

UCP200, NAP200, UEP200, UKP200, UCPX, UCP300, UCPE200, UCAK200, UCPA200, UCPH200, UEPA200

* Thick Pillow Block Units

* Tapped-Base Pillow Block Units

* High-Base Pillow Block Units

* Narrow Inner Ring Bearing Pillow Block Units

* Light Pillow Block Units

* Compact Pillow Block Units

* Corrosion Resistant Series Pillow Block Units

2. 4-Bolt Flange Bearing Units (UCT Bearing Units)

* UCF200, NAF200, UKF200, UEF2, UCFX, UCF3, UCFS3, NAFS2

* Material of housing: Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel

* Square Piloted 4-Bolt Flange Units

* Narrow Inner Ring Bearing 4-Bolt Flange Units

* Corrosion Resistant Series 4-Bolt Flange Units

3.  2-Bolt Flange Bearing Units (UCFL Bearing Unit)

* Oval Flange Units

* UCFL200, NAFL200, UEFL200, UKFL200, UCFLX, NAFLU200,  UCFT200, UEFT200, SBFL200, SAFL200,

* Narrow Inner Ring Bearing 2-Bolt Flange Units

* Light 2-Bolt Flange Units

* Compact 2-Bolt Flange Units

* UCFL  Standard duty, Wider inner ring bearing, Setscrew locking, Cast gray iron housing.

* Cast DUCTILE iron housing available upon request.

4. 4 Bolt Flange Cartridge Bearing Units

* UCFC200, NAFC200, UEFC200, UKFC200, UCFCX, UCFC300, UCFS300

* UCFC  Standard duty,Wider inner ring bearing,Setscrew locking,Cast gray iron housing .

* Cast DUCTILE iron housing available upon request.

* Narrow Inner Ring Bearing 4-Bolt Flange Cartridge Units

* Corrosion Resistant Series 4-Bolt Flange Cartridge Units

5.  Take-Up Bearing Units

* UCT200, NAT200, UET200, UKT200, UCTX, UCT300, UCST200

* Narrow Slot Take-Up Units

* Corrosion Resistant Series Take-Up Units

* Section Steel Frame Take-Up Units

* Channel Steel Frame Take-Up Units

* Steel Plate Frame Take-Up Units

* Cartridge Units

* Hanger Units

6. Adjustable Flange Bearing Units

* UCFB201A-UCFB208A Metric & inch size

* UCFA  Standard duty,Wider inner ring bearing,

* Setscrew locking, Cast gray iron housing

* Cast ductile iron housing available

* Black color, Green color and blue color are all available.

7. 3-Bolt Flange Bearing Units

* SBFCT200, UEFB200, UCFB200A, UCFB200

* UCFB..A Standard duty,Flange bracket,Inch-based housing,Wider inner ring bearing,Setscrew locking,Cast gray iron housing.

* Cast ductile iron housing available upon request.

* Black color, Green color and blue color are all available.

8. Take-up with Frame Bearing Unit

*Cast Iron Frame Take-up Units



*TM series bearing seat and UCTM series bearing Production model: UCTM204A ~ UCTM212A Production model: UCTM204B ~ UCTM212B

* Shaft diameter (d) covers: 12mm ~ 57.15mm

9. Stamped Steel Flange Units

* SBPF200/SBPFT200  Light duty, Setscrew locking,3-Bolt flange housing

* Stamped Steel Housed Units SAPF2, SAPFT2,

* Stamped Steel Housed Units SBPP2 SAPP2

* Stamped Steel Housed Units SBPFL2 SAPFL2

* Stamped Steel Housed Units SBPF2 SBPFT2

* Stamped Steel 3-Bolt Flange Cartridge Units

* Stamped Steel 2-Bolt Flange Units

10. Corrosion Resistant Bearing Units

* Stainless steel Bearing Unit

* Thermoplastic bearing units

* Waterproof Plastic Bearing Units

* Various type of stainless steel housing
* Surface could be mirror-shining polished

* Capable to fit with close/open end caps or back seals.

It is mainly used to bear the combined radial and axial load, which is mainly the radial load. Generally, it is not suitable to bear the axial load alone. This type of bearing can be installed with an inner ring (with a full set of rollers and retainers) and an outer ring. This kind of bearing does not allow the shaft to be tilted relative to the housing, and additional axial force will be generated when the radial load is used. The size of the axial clearance of this kind of bearing has a great influence on whether the bearing can work normally. When the axial clearance is too small, the temperature rise is higher; when the axial clearance is large, the bearing is easy to be damaged. Therefore, special attention should be paid to adjusting the axial clearance of the bearing during installation and operation. If necessary, pre-interference installation can be used to increase the rigidity of the bearing.