SKF acquires PEER bearing production base in China

On June 25, 2008, SKF announced in Gothenburg, Sweden that SKF had signed an agreement with the owner of peel bearing in the United States to acquire peel and its production bases in China and Thailand.

Peer is a brand trusted by the global leaders in the field of agricultural machinery bearing and garden equipment bearing products. Peer is a leading innovator of agricultural machinery bearings, and its patented maintenance free solution can help farmers and landscape designers around the world improve productivity. We are committed to improving our influence in these industries as a commitment to our customers

1. The sealing performance is superior, and the service life of various agricultural machinery is extended to the greatest extent
2. award winning custom solutions for the most demanding application environments
3. Environmental protection and maintenance free solutions can reduce labor, lubrication costs and machine purchase costs

Agricultural machinery bearing is a special sealed ball bearing widely used in foreign agricultural machinery. According to the design of disc plow, disc harrow and other agricultural farming machinery, its design has the characteristics of large transfer load, mud water easy to enter into the bearing during farming, working shaft (plough shaft or harrow shaft), etc., and it is a specially designed bearing with good sealing performance, good centering performance, large bearing capacity, easy to install and disassemble.

The world’s leading bearing brands take bearing operating temperature as an important index. Therefore, the operating temperature of low temperature bearing reflects the material technology and processing level of bearing processing. The measurement is mainly based on the temperature difference between the outer ring of the bearing and the injected cooling oil during operation. Lower operating temperature means longer service life and higher performance. World famous bearing manufacturers, relying on their own advantages, strive to obtain comparative advantages in many fields. Taking the American Fute low temperature deep groove ball bearing as an example, after strict testing, the operating temperature of this kind of product of the company is lower than that of similar products in the market, about – 25.5 ℃, while other internationally famous brands are all above – 119 ℃. The common low temperature bearings are single row deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings.

The following is a review of the incident by people from all walks of life in China’s bearing industry

Shan Yibing, an industry expert of Luoyang Bearing Research Institute:
this merger is more significant than that of SKF in many places in China. It is not surprising that foreign capital purchases China’s small and medium-sized bearing enterprises, which will happen in the future. It is worth worrying that if there is a good enterprise, foreign capital will come to buy it. In the long run, the development of national industry and enterprises will be affected

Xu Shaoren, deputy chief engineer of Luoyang LYC bearing Co., Ltd:
Peer bearing has a narrow product range. Xinchang peer’s products are mainly foreign trade, and the product structure is not the same as that of LYC. From the current point of view, it has little impact on Luoyang LYC, and the key is the future development.

He Jiaqun, Deputy Secretary General of China Bearing Industry Association:
it’s an international practice for SKF to buy Peer, and it’s normal for foreign companies to buy Peer. Schaeffler’s acquisition of LYC is a foreign enterprise’s acquisition of China’s industry leader, with totally different nature

He long, deputy head of science and technology of Xinchang City:
Xinchang City is a big bearing industry in China, with nearly 1300 bearing enterprises, The annual output value of bearing industry is 15 billion yuan. Xinchang has the largest machining production base in Asia, and the largest bearing enterprise output value reaches 1 billion yuan. However, at present, the development of Xinchang bearing industry is uneven, and most of the enterprises are low, small and scattered. The arrival of the world’s top 500 will undoubtedly promote and accelerate the development of Xinchang bearing industry and upgrade and pull the product grade of Xinchang bearing. In this sense, we are welcome. 50 million USD per year for SKF

Zhang Feng, President of Zhejiang Wuzhou XinChun Bearing Co.,Ltd:
It should be said that the arrival of SKF is beneficial to the development of Xinchang bearing industry. From the perspective of finished bearings, SKF will bring many new products; from the perspective of supporting parts, it will bring more demand for accessories.. As xinchang peer’s products are relatively single and its technical level is medium, and SKF has invested in many enterprises in China, I think this merger has little impact on China’s bearing industry.