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Cylindrical Roller Bearings are a type of bearing that use cylindrical rolling elements instead of steel balls,These cylindrical rollers provide a larger contact area and are therefore able to support larger radial loads. Due to their design, Cylindrical Roller Bearings are unable to support significant thrust loads. Depending on the application, Cylindrical Roller Bearings are available with or without cages. Without a cage, Cylindrical Roller Bearings are able to support higher loads, however, this limits their application to low speed systems.

While Cylindrical Roller Bearings are typically supplied with both inner and outer races, these races can also be integrated into the shaft or other system components, Such design choices are often necessary when space is limited within the system.

Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings is one kind of Cylindrical roller bearing design. The material are adopt high quality chrome steel, this design are separable. the bearing ring with the rollers and cage assembly can be separated from the other ring, single row cylindrical roller bearings not only NU series design, but also N, NJ, NUP design, CoatMaster bearing have two integral flanges on the outer ring and no flanges on the outer ring. this kind of bearing can accommodate axial displacement of the shaft relative to the housing in both directions.

CoatMaster brand cylindrical roller bearing is the China Top Quality cylindrical roller bearing, we can see why CoatMaster higher quality than EASIER

New performance class

Cylindrical roller bearings with up to three times longer service life than the previous EASIER standard, which is superior to all other conventional cylindrical roller bearings. The performance improvements of  cylindrical roller bearings over the past 15 years have permitted downsizing, whilst still maintaining the required performance


CoatMaster bearings feature an extremely clean and homogenous steel with a minimum number of inclusions. This improved steel is so much cleaner than the highest grades covered by present classifications. The reduction in the number of inclusions increases the fatigue strength in the rolling contacts and enables the bearings to operate much longer.

Heat treatment

New heat treatment procedures optimize the bearing resistance to operational damage and temperatures without affecting dimensional stability.

Logarithmic contact profile

This important feature of CoatMaster cylindrical roller bearings – for the past years – has been further refined for the rollers used in XRB bearings. The bearings are thus even less sensitive to small misalignment and can carry heavy loads.

Roller end/flange geometry

The optimized roller end/flange contacts of CoatMaster cylindrical roller bearings are also present in XRB bearings. The resultant advantages include reduced friction, lower operating temperatures and less wear

Material hardness

The hardness of the rings and rollers of CoatMaster bearings have been selected for optimum performance. This makes them less sensitive to contaminants and contributes to their extremely long service life.

Surface finish

The surface finish of the raceways on the rings and rollers has been further refined and provides enhanced lubrication conditions in CoatMaster bearings so that they can operate longer even under poor lubrication conditions.

Manufacturing quality

Upgraded manufacturing processes have contributed to a significant improvement in product quality. This means that the rings can be produced with an increased roundness and the deviation from true form of the rollers has also been further reduced. The results of the tighter tolerances may be invisible but the bearings run markedly quieter and with less vibration.

Cage design

The design and material of the cage can have a significant impact on a bearing’s ability to withstand given operating conditions. That is the reason for making XRB bearings available with up to four different cages. The design of the cages used in Coatmaster bearings contributes to good lubrication of all contact surfaces, even under occasional interruptions in lubricant supply.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings also have the other different design as follows

–Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

–Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

–High Capacity Cylindrical Roller Bearings

–Single Row Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings

–Double Row Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings

And different types of cylindrical roller bearings also have their different design according to their feather, and also many kinds of cages, just like Brass cage, Pressed Steel cage, nylon cage etc.

Feature of Cylindrical Roller Bearing

1.The rollers and raceway of inner ring and outer ring are in line contact or repair line contact, this design can make the bearing have large carry capacity. So Cylindrical roller bearing are suitable for heavy load and impact load.

  1. Low friction coefficient, suitable for high speed, its limited speed are closed to deep groove ball bearing.
  2. N and NU series Cylindrical roller bearing can move in axial direction, so they can accommodate to the changes in the relative position of the shaft and the housing due to thermal expansion or mounting errors.
  3. High standard for the machining of shaft or seat holes, Relatively skew for the axial of the outer ring should be control strictly. So the Contact stress concentration can be avoid.

The outer ring and inner ring of Cylindrical Roller Bearing are separatable, the design are easy installation and removal.

N, NU series cylindrical roller bearing

N series cylindrical roller bearing have no flange on outer ring, and double flange on inner ring. This design Allows displacement of the shaft relative to the bearing housing in both axial directions.

NU series cylindrical roller bearing have flange on both side of the outer ring, and no flange on inner ring, it also allows movement of the shaft relative to the housing in both axial directions, so this design suitable for used as floating bearing.

NJ, NF Series cylindrical roller bearing

NJ series cylindrical roller bearing have ribs on both side of the outer ring, and single flange on one side of inner ring. It Can withstand a certain degree of one-way axial load .

NF series cylindrical roller bearing have single flange on one side of outer ring, double flange on inner ring , it can carry certain degree of one way axial load. Therefore, this type of structure is suitable for use as a single direction axial locating bearing

NUP , NFP series

NUP Series cylindrical roller bearing have flange on both side of outer ring, and one fixed flange on one side of inner ring,and the other side are separable loose rib .it can bear a certain degree double direction axial load.

NFP series cylindrical roller bearing with fixed single flange on outer ring, and separable loose rib on the other side of outer ring, inner ring have flange on both side, it can take a certain degree axial load from double direction.

This kind of bearing can control the axial direction displacement of the shaft relatively bearing housing in two directions. Therefore, it is suitable for use as a fixed-end bearing.

Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Double Row cylindrical roller bearing have cylindrical bore and taper bore design, taper bore suffix K , This type of bearing has the compact structure, high rigidity, and large carrying capacity . Small deformation after load such advantage . Particularly suitable for machine tool spindle . taper bore can also play a minor role in adjusting the tolerance. And also can simplify the locating device structure . its Easy to install and remove. Commonly used double row cylindrical roller bearings have the following several forms.

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