New energy vehicle bearing is the new profit growth point of China Bearing Manufacturer

ZWZ’s efforts in the field of new energy vehicle bearings have finally paid off recently. The cylindrical roller bearing of a certain specification developed by them has stood out in the competition with many international well-known bearing enterprises. In the second half of the year, they began to batch support the world-famous Nordic luxury brand new energy SUV passenger cars. A new energy automobile bearing project was recently held in the 9th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition (Dalian competition area) and the 6th Dalian Innovation and entrepreneurship competition Won the first prize.

As the world’s largest producer of new energy vehicles, China’s new energy vehicles are in the ascendant. In order to meet the market demand of new energy vehicles, ZWZ group( Top 1 bearing manufacturer in China) has accelerated the research and development of supporting bearings, and has successively developed high-speed silent deep groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings with high speed, low noise and long life, which are matched with the drive and deceleration mechanism of new energy vehicles. Up to now, ZWZ group has developed nearly 50 kinds of bearing supporting new energy vehicles.

According to Wen Shaoying, director of the Automobile Bearing Research Institute of ZWZ group, the working speed of new energy automobile bearing is as high as 16000rpm. After special raceway design, special seal structure design, special silent grease selection, special raw material development and special heat treatment process application, the bearing group has achieved the basic theoretical research, bearing design and manufacturing, testing and service The strong coordination of the links has achieved the supporting standards of new energy automobile enterprises. The bearing shaft is two specifications of bearings for a famous brand new energy passenger car secondary reducer with differential gear box. In the three-way limit speed test conducted in the well-known bearing test center in China, the limit speed reaches 20400rpm and the test time reaches 1300 hours.

In the development of new energy vehicle bearing market, ZWZ group is giving full play to the advantages of batch supply in overseas market, driving the expansion of domestic market share, forming a good pattern of domestic and international dual market forces and synchronous promotion of front and rear markets, making new energy vehicle bearing a new profit growth point of the company.