Global competition pattern of China bearing manufacturer

No.1 Asia accounts for half of the world’s from end user competition situation

Bearing is an important part of modern mechanical equipment, And its main function of rotation is to reduce the friction coefficient of the rotating body, and ensure its rotation accuracy. Therefore, its application range is very wide and the market demand is strong. Asia, represented by China and Japan, accounts for half of the global bearing consumption and becomes the largest bearing consumer market in the world. Europe and North America followed, with 25% and 20% respectively.

No.2 Supply side competition pattern: eight groups divide up the market

After years of industrial competition, the global bearing industry has formed a monopolistic competition pattern. The market is divided by eight multinational groups of Sweden, Germany, Japan and the United States, including Swedish enterprise SKF, German enterprise Schaeffler (INA+FAG), Japanese enterprise NSK, NTN, NMB, Nachi, jtket and American Enterprise TIMKEN, These eight companies account for more than 70% of the global market share.

— Competition pattern in China

Regional competition: five industrial clusters have their own characteristics

From the perspective of regional competition, China’s bearing industry has formed industrial clusters, including Wafang area of Liaoning Province, Luoyang region of Henan Province, eastern Zhejiang region, Liaocheng region of Shandong Province and Yangtze River Delta region. Each region has its own characteristics. For example, Liaoning Wafang area has the advantages of major equipment bearings, and eastern Zhejiang region is good at precision small and medium-sized bearings.

— Competition among Bearing manufacturer

Competition level: local enterprises occupy middle and low end market, From the level of competition, the high-end market of bearing manufacturing in China is mainly occupied by the eight multinational bearing groups mentioned above. China’s local enterprises mainly occupy the middle and low-end market, and the representative enterprises are renben Group Co., Ltd., Wanxiang Qianchao Co., Ltd., Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd. However, with the improvement of manufacturing technology by local bearing manufacturers, some large-scale local enterprises have been able to produce high-end products, such as the Supporting bearing of large electric wheel dump truck produced by ZWZ group, which has successfully replaced the imported products.

— Market concentration: low market concentration

China’s bearing manufacturing industry belongs to a completely competitive market with a large number of enterprises and low market concentration. According to the data of China Bearing Industry Association, in 2019, China’s bearing industry achieved a revenue of 177 billion yuan, of which the top 10 bearing manufacturers achieved 50.67 billion yuan, accounting for about 28.63 percent.

— Representative enterprise:

Representative enterprise: Renben Group’s Revenue First

In 2019, the top ten enterprises of bearing business income of Chinese bearing manufacturing enterprises

Company Name (Chinese languge) Company Name Representative products
1 人本集团有限公司 Renben Group Co., Ltd Automobile bearing, household appliance bearing
2 万向钱潮股份有限公司 Wanxiang Qianchao Co., Ltd Automobile bearing
3 瓦房店轴承集团有限公司 Wafangdian Bearing Group Corp. Spherical roller bearing
4 浙江天马轴承集团股份有限公司 Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Group Co., Ltd. Cylindrical roller bearing, deep groove ball bearing
5 洛阳LYC轴承有限公司 Luoyang LYC bearing Co., Ltd Extra large rolling mill bearings
6 浙江五洲新春集团股份有限公司 Zhejiang Wuzhou Xinchun Group Co., Ltd Small and medium precision bearings, tapered roller bearings
7 慈兴集团有限公司 Cixing Group Co., Ltd Precision ball bearing, miniature bearing
8 湖北新火炬科技股份有限公司 Hubei New Torch Science & Technology Co. Ltd wheel hub bearing
9 襄阳汽车轴承股份有限公司 Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Co., Ltd Automobile bearing
10 环驰轴承集团有限公司 Huanchi Bearing Group Co., Ltd High precision deep groove ball bearing, tapered roller bearings

— Product competition
According to the structure, Rolling bearing has the advantages of high transmission efficiency and good mechanical performance, which is the leading type in the bearing industry, the bearing type are:

1. Deep Groove ball bearing
2. Cylindrical roller bearing
3. Aligning ball bearing
4. Spherical Roller Bearing
5. Needle Roller Bearing
6. Mounted ball bearing unit
7. Angular contact ball bearing
8. Tapered Roller Bearing
9. Thrust ball bearing
10.Thrust roller bearing

And also the bearing have slide motion type

1. Spherical plain bearing
2. Linear bearing, linear guideways
3. Linear Sliding Guideway Rail

According to the size of the production: miniature and small size bearings, medium and large bearing,extra large bearing   According to the size classification, with the continuous development of bearing technology in China, bearing enterprises in China have begun to compete with foreign enterprises in the field of miniature and small bearing, with a large production volume. However, the output of bearing products above medium and large is still relatively small.   However, with the development of China’s major equipment manufacturing industries, such as aerospace and military industry, machine tools, wind power, etc., the demand for medium and large-scale bearing products is gradually increasing. Enterprises are also constantly introducing, developing and producing such bearing products, and the output has increased in recent years.

By downstream application products: Automobile bearing is the largest demand on the market   Bearings are widely used in the downstream. At present, bearings are mainly used in automobile industry, accounting for about 37%. The second are household appliance bearings, motor bearings and textile machinery bearings, accounting for 12%, 11% and 5% respectively.