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Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Co., Ltd., founded in 1968, is a national key project of 120 million yuan invested by the state during the fourth Five-Year Plan period, which is specially designed to manufacture supporting bearings for automobiles in China and the biggest automobile bearing manufacturer of China. In 1993, Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Co., Ltd. completed the joint-stock reform and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1996 (Code: 000678). In 2003, Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Co., Ltd. successfully implemented the reform and restructuring with the main content of “state-owned employee identity conversion” In April 2009, nearly 10000 employees completed the identity transformation at one time; in April 2009, they successfully implemented the strategic restructuring with  Tri-Ring Group, and the actual controller of the enterprise was changed to  Tri-Ring Group. in 2011, the Sanhuan Xiangxi Industrial Park, with an investment of 3 billion yuan and an area of 1070 mu, was the Automobile Bearing Industrial Park constructed once in the bearing industry.


In August 2013, ZXY purchased the biggest bearing factory- Fabryka Lozysk Tocznych – Krasnik S.A. (KFLT) in Poland with the great support of Tri-Ring Group, and stepped into the range of multinational companies. it now has about 4500 employees. With total assets amount to USD 326 million, It has more than 4000 sets of main equipments with an annual capacity of 70 million pieces. It is the biggest automobile bearing manufacturer in China and the national key bearings export base.


The main bearing products of Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Co., Ltd

  1. Deep groove ball bearing

The deep groove ball bearing is simple in structure and convenient in use. It is a kind of bearing with the largest production batch and the widest application range. It is mainly used to bear radial load. When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, it has the performance of angular contact ball bearing and does not bear the increased axial load. This kind of bearing has small friction coefficient, low vibration and noise, and high limit speed. Not resistant to impact, not suitable for heavy load.

Deep groove ball bearing generally adopts steel plate stamping wave cage, or engineering plastic and copper solid cage. According to the different use environment, the special grease can be added in the sealed bearing.

ZXY can mass produce ordinary deep groove ball bearing with outer diameter less than 260mm. It is used in gearbox, engine, water pump and other parts of all kinds of automobiles, and is suitable for other kinds of machinery. According to the requirements of users, deep groove ball bearings with high precision (P6, P5, P4), various clearance groups, special vibration and noise requirements (Z1, Z2 or V1, V2) can be manufactured.

  1. 60000 type deep groove ball bearing;
  2. 60000-n type deep groove ball bearing with stop groove around
  3. 60000-z type deep groove ball bearing with dust cover on one side and 60000-2z type with dust cover on both sides;
  4. 60000-rs type deep groove ball bearing with dust ring (contact type) on one side and 60000-2rs type contact seal on both sides;
  5. 60000-rz deep groove ball bearing with sealing ring on one side and 60000-2rs deep groove ball bearing with non-contact on both sides;
  6. Double row deep groove ball bearing 40000 type;
  7. Deep groove ball bearing with ball loading notch 200, 300 or 200V, 300V


2. Taper roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings are mainly used to bear the combined radial and axial loads. The larger the contact angle of the outer ring raceway, the greater the bearing capacity of the axial and radial load ratio. The linear contact between the roller and the raceway makes the tapered roller bearing have greater bearing capacity. The bearing is a separate type bearing, and the inner components (inner ring, tapered roller and cage) and outer ring can be installed separately. The characteristics of tapered roller bearing make it an ideal choice in many applications.

The radial and axial clearance of tapered roller bearings can be adjusted in the process of installation and use, and can also be installed with axial preload. The size of axial clearance has a great influence on whether the bearing can work well. When the axial clearance is too small, the temperature rises; when the axial clearance is too large, the bearing is easy to be damaged. Therefore, pay special attention to adjust the axial clearance of the bearing during installation and operation.

ZXY can produce metric series and inch series tapered roller bearings, and also can design and manufacture various non-standard series tapered roller bearings for users. Widely used in automobile differential, wheel hub, gearbox and other parts.


  1. Cylindrical roller bearing

Generally, cylindrical roller bearings are only used to bear radial load, and the roller and the raceway of the ferrule are in linear contact, so they are axial separable bearings. Compared with the deep groove ball bearing with the same dimension, the cylindrical roller bearing has larger radial bearing capacity. The bearing has the advantages of convenient installation and disassembly, impact resistance, good rigidity, limited displacement in axial direction and can not bear axial load alone.

Cylindrical roller bearings have n, Nu, NJ, NUP, RNU, RN and other structural types.

The cylindrical roller bearing of ZXY adopts the structure of optimized design. The internal cage of the bearing has the forms of steel plate stamping, copper solid, engineering plastics and no cage filled with rollers. The convex roller and filled roller structure can effectively improve the radial load capacity of the cylindrical roller bearing.

ZXY cylindrical roller bearing products are widely used in gearbox of various kinds of automobiles and tractors, guide bearing of axle differential, shaft support of water pump, and other machines. They are used in the shaft with good rigidity and axial displacement, and the machine parts that need axial separation bearing for installation and disassembly.


  1. Needle roller bearing

The radial structure of needle roller bearing is compact, its inner diameter and load capacity are the same as other types of bearings, and its outer diameter is the smallest. It is especially suitable for supporting structures with smaller radial installation application. It can only bear radial load. When no inner ring or outer ring is selected, and no inner or outer ring rolling bearing is selected, the hardness, machining accuracy and surface quality of the surface of the shaft or shell hole as the raceway shall be similar to that of the raceway of the bearing ring, so as to ensure that the load capacity and operation performance are the same as that of the raceway bearing.

The structure of needle bearing includes single row and double row K-type, stamping M-type, engineering plastic cage, double half split type, engineering plastic cage structure, etc. The convex machining of the rolling surface of the needle, the surface strengthening treatment of the cage and the uneven distribution of the window hole of the needle are adopted. The transmission needle bearing is often used with the needle bushing.

ZXY can produce all kinds of needle roller bearings, suitable for gearbox, universal joint support, rear axle suspension and other mechanical selection


  1. Clutch release bearing

Clutch release bearing is an important part of automobile. It is installed between clutch and transmission. Because the clutch pressure plate, release lever and engine crankshaft run synchronously, in order to ensure the smooth engagement, soft separation, reduce wear and prolong the service life of clutch and the whole transmission system, it is necessary to make the release lever rotate at the same time through the release bearing Move axially along the clutch output shaft. The disassembly and assembly of clutch release bearing is complex and time-consuming. Therefore, the bearing with high reliability and guaranteed quality can be selected and properly maintained in use, which can prolong the service life of bearing and improve the economic benefits of users.

  1. Wheel hub bearing

Wheel Hub bearing is a special bearing applied to the wheels of automobiles, which bears the weight of the whole vehicle, acceleration force, deceleration force, turning lateral force and vibration and impact force brought by the road conditions. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of braking, anti lock braking system (ABS) is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the market demand for sensor built-in hub bearing unit is also growing. According to its development, hub bearing can be divided into the first generation, the second generation and the third generation.

Compared with the traditional two sets of single row bearings, the first generation hub bearing integrates the two sets of bearings into one, which is simple and reliable to apply preload, convenient to install, and does not need gasket and midway grease supply. Compact structure, built-in high-performance seal ring, saving installation space and time.

Compared with the first generation hub bearing, the second generation hub bearing does not need to press into the knuckle, so it is more convenient to install, and the preloading is simpler and more reliable. If the outer ring rotates, the sensor rotor can also be installed. The product is lightweight and integrated.

Compared with the second-generation hub bearing, the third-generation hub bearing has been selected and pre tightened by the bearing manufacturer before leaving the factory. It is easier to install the anti lock brake system (ABS) sensor and lighter and more integrated.


7.Cross shaft Bearing

The cross shaft bearing, also known as the cross joint bearing, is mainly used in commercial vehicles. Generally, it is composed of a cross shaft and four stamped outer ring roller bearings. Each outer diameter of the cross shaft needs to be processed with high precision before it can be used as the inner ring of the bearing to contact with the needle roller. The needle roller bearing has a self sealing device, which can prevent dust and grease leakage and improve the service life of the bearing. When it is used, the maintenance personnel shall regularly The hollow bearing through the cross shaft is grease lubricated for the four outer bearings. The cross axle is a part to realize the power transmission of variable angle, which is used to change the direction of transmission axis. It is the “joint” part of the universal drive device of the automobile drive system. The cross axle type rigid universal joint is a widely used non constant velocity universal joint in automobiles. The maximum allowable intersection angle of two adjacent axles is 15 ゜ – 20 ゜. The spider is one of the key parts of the spider type rigid universal joint.

In November 1996, ZXY first passed the ISO9001 quality review in the bearing industry, and obtained the ISO9001 quality standard certification; at the end of 1997, it obtained the ISO9001 product quality certification of FMRC company in the United States; in March 2005, it passed the audit of TS16949 quality management system by SGS company, the Swiss international certification agency, and obtained the TS16949 certificate.

ZXY has an engineering technology center specialized in the research and development and application of new products and technologies of automobile bearings, and a large number of senior professional engineering and technical personnel engaged in the development of new products. In addition to automobile bearings, it also involves a variety of bearing products in the fields of machinery, agricultural machinery, home appliances and wind power. The company’s technology research and development ability is absolutely in the leading position in the domestic automobile bearing industry, with many national and provincial scientific achievement awards, among which many technologies such as reinforced tapered roller bearing, full roller cylindrical bearing, automobile air conditioning compressor and clutch bearing simulation test machine have national patents. The company’s products are capable of supporting series of bearing products such as Dongfeng, Jiefang, Sitai, Beibei Benz, JAC, Beiqi Futian, Yuejin, Isuzu, etc., and can design and manufacture all kinds of bearing and parts products for special purposes for users.

ZXY has formed a supporting bearing system for heavy-duty, medium-sized, light-duty, micro, car and other vehicle types. It has set up 28 sales branches and 14 distribution centers in China. Its sales and service network covers all large and medium-sized cities in China. ZXY brand bearings enjoy a high reputation in the auto parts market. Its products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

ZXY has established the enterprise development strategy of “building China’s first-class automobile bearing R & D and production base”. The company is further improving the transformation of car bearing project, introducing foreign advanced car bearing production technology and equipment, and forming the capacity of mass production of automobile bearings, while also expanding the capacity of production of heavy truck bearings. At present, Xiangxi is planning to build “Xiangxi Industrial Park”, build “China’s first-class, international advanced” automobile bearing R & D and production base, and make unremitting efforts to build China’s best automobile bearing.

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