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Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd. (ZYS) is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on the research and development of “high, precision, sharp and special” bearing products for the national economic construction in various fields and national defense construction. Its predecessor, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, was founded in 1958. It is the only national class a comprehensive research institute in China’s bearing industry. It entered China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. in 1999 and was transformed into a scientific and technological enterprise.

ZYS focuses on the development of high-performance bearing products for key engine of national economy and national defense construction, and mass production of various types of high-end equipment bearings and components with inner diameter of 0.6mm to outer diameter of 6.8m. Its main business is research, development, production and sales of precision and special bearings, high-speed machine tool spindles, bearing special equipment and testing instruments, bearing testing machines and bearing special materials. Its products are widely used in aerospace, Naval Weapons, machine tools, wind power generation, mine metallurgy, petrochemical, medical equipment, automobile and rail transit, engineering machinery, intelligent system Manufacturing service and other fields.

With a total assets of 2.06 billion yuan, the company has a research and development center and three industrial bases, covering an area of more than 700 mu, advanced bearing manufacturing equipment and world-class testing instruments, strong strength in manufacturing, testing and testing of high-precision and high reliability bearings and related parts, more than 380 engineering and technical personnel in various disciplines related to bearings, and more than 380 in bearing Design, basic theoretical research, lubrication technology, metal and non-metal materials, testing and industrial standards, etc. remain in the leading position. The company has national bearing quality supervision and inspection center, national bearing accreditation laboratory, industrial (rolling bearing) product quality control and technical evaluation laboratory, national rolling bearing Standardization Technical Committee, ISO / TC4 domestic technology centralized unit, China Bearing Industry Association Technical Committee, mechanical industry professional skills appraisal bearing industry sub center, national rolling bearing production Strategic alliance of industrial technology innovation, national and local joint Engineering Laboratory of high-end bearing tribology technology and application, National Key Laboratory of shield and Tunneling Technology (bearing), engineering research center of high-speed precision bearing in mechanical industry, engineering technology research center of machine tool spindle unit in Henan Province, Key Laboratory of high-performance bearing technology in Henan Province, National Postdoctoral research workstation, he Many scientific research, test and service institutions, such as the academician workstation of bearing common technology in southern province, patent exchange station of the State Intellectual Property Office, have achieved 908 major scientific research achievements so far, including 31 national awards such as the National Invention Award and the national science and technology progress award, 234 provincial and ministerial science and technology achievements awards, 792 authorized patents, 277 of which are invention patents, and the preparation and revision of bearings More than 670 items of industry technical standards, 457 issues of journal bearing.

As the main supporting unit in the field of China’s aerospace, the company has successfully completed the supporting tasks of the landmark “Dongfanghong” series artificial earth satellites, “Shenzhou” series manned spacecraft, “Chang’e” lunar exploration project, “Shenzhou” and “Tiangong” Rendezvous and docking bearings and components. It is also an important supplier of parts for CNC machine tools, shipbuilding, rail transit, aviation manufacturing, automobile industry, wind power and other industries at home and abroad. The company has successively won the national high-tech project construction outstanding contribution award, national defense science and technology industry coordination advanced unit, national defense science and technology innovation team, national enterprise and public intellectual property demonstration unit, Henan innovation leading enterprise and other honors.

Mainly products of ZYS

1.Precision Bearing

Angular contact ball bearing

high-speed sealed angular contact ball bearings

Double-direction angular contact thrust ball bearing

Ball screw support bearings.

Hybrid ceramic ball bearings,

Cylindrical roller bearings,

Precision tapered roller bearings,

Turbo-charger bearing,

YRT Bearing,

Four point contact ball bearings,

Thin section bearings,

Cross roller bearings,

Dental bearings.

ZYS precision angular contact ball bearing is divided into four series: high-speed angular contact bearing (Standard Series), ultra-high-speed angular contact ball bearing, high-speed sealed angular contact ball bearing and high-speed electric spindle bearing.

Generally, the inner and outer rings of rolling bearings are made of high carbon chromium bearing steel, but in some applications, such as in places requiring ultra-high speed, wear resistance, low temperature rise, long life and high reliability, the performance of steel bearings can not meet the requirements of working conditions, so it is necessary to select bearing materials with better performance. Among them, silicon nitride ceramic is considered to be the most ideal rolling bearing material instead of bearing steel. ZYS also provides widely used hybrid ceramic angular contact ball bearings for high-speed precision machine tool spindles and other high-speed precision machine spindles, that is, the inner and outer rings of the bearings are made of high-quality bearing steel, while the rolling elements are made of silicon nitride ceramic.

Compared with the angular contact ball bearing made of the same structure, size and standard steel, the hybrid ceramic angular contact ball bearing has the advantages of high speed performance, high rigidity, low friction heating and long service life.

ZYS angular contact ball bearings can bear radial load and one direction axial load. When the bearing withstands radial loads, axial force will be generated on inner ring. Therefore, the single-row angular contact ball bearings are often used with other bearings which can withstand axial load in the opposite direction. That is, angular contact ball bearings are commonly used in pair, or in groups with three, four and even five bearings.

Contact angles
The contact angles of ZYS angular contact ball bearings for machine tool are 15° and 25°. The bearing with 15° contact angle is used when the high speed and light axial load are needed, while the 25° contact angle bearing should be adopted on the contrary.

Four dimension series
The precision angular contact ball bearings for spindles have four dimension series, 718, 719, 70 and 72. With the same inner diameter, the outer diameter and the width of 718, 719, 70 and 72 increase in sequence.

The types and performance of ZYS angular contact ball bearings

ZYS angular contact ball bearing series Structures Dimension series Bore size range Performance
High precision angular
contact ball bearing
718 C
718 AC
719 C
719 AC
70 C
70 AC
72 C 72 AC
70: 8~380mm 72: 8~220mm
High speed;
Large loading capacity;
Suit for grease
or oil-mist lubrication
High speed angular contact ball
bearing(incl. hybrid ball bearing)
H719 C
H719 AC
H70 C
H70 AC
H719 C/HQ1
H719 AC/HQ
H70 C/HQ1
H70 AC/HQ1
H719/HQ1:8~220mm H70/HQ1:8~220mm
Super speed;
High rigidity;
Suit for air-oil or oil injection lubrication
Super speed angular contact ball
bearing(incl. hybrid ball bearing)
HS719 C
HS719 AC
HS70 C
HS719 C/HQ1
HS70 C/HQ1 HS70 AC/HQ1
Super speed
(higher than H series);
High rigidity;
Suit for air-oil or oil injection lubrication
Super speed angular contact ball bearing with
direct lubrication(incl. hybrid ball bearing)
H719 C-DL
H719 AC-DL
H70 C-DL
H719 C/HQ1-DL
H70 C/HQ1-DL
Super speed (higher than H and HS series);
High rigidity;
Suit for direct lubrication
High speed sealed angular contact ball
bearing(incl. hybrid ball bearing)
B719 C-2RZ
B719 AC-2RZ
B70 C-2RZ
B70 AC-2RZ
B70 C-2RZ/HQ1
B719 AC-2RZ/HQ1
B70 C-2RZ/HQ1
B70 AC-2RZ/HQ1
B719-2RZ /HQ1:10~220mm
B70-2RZ /HQ1:10~220mm
High speed;
High rigidity;
Grease lubrication
High speed bearings for inner diameter
grinding spindles (incl. hybrid ball bearing)
B70 C
B70 C/HQ1
B70 C:10~60mm
B70 C /HQ1:10~60mm
Super speed;
High rigidity;
Suit for oil mist lubrication

•Machine tool spindle
•high-frequency motor
•Robot technology
•gas turbine
•small-size automobile front wheels
•differential pinion shaft

As an important type of  machine tool bearing, ZYS angular contact ball bearing has the following advantages:

The chamfer arc radius of rings is reasonable, which is not only convenient to install, but also guaranteed to improve the installation precision and reduce the risk of the related parts being bumped;
•The speed performance is outstanding
•Unique heat treatment process allows products to achieve the best dimensional stability and rigidity, so as to reduce wear and tear;
•Multiple pre-load levels can help to meet different requirements for speed and system stiffness, which is more reasonable to select and use the levels.

ZYS Ball screw support bearing is a kind of one-direction angular contact thrust ball bearing (contact angle 60°) with high precision, high speed, high axial stiffness, low friction, long life and transient high/low speed conversion. The bearing is particularly suitable for the supporting of ball screw and similar transmitting components in high-speed precision CNC machine tools.

ZYS precision ball screw support bearings include four kinds of products: 7602, 7603, BS, BSS. The 7602 and 7603 series are standard metric, with the inner diameters from 12mm to 130mm; BS series are non-standard metric and BSS series are inch series.

2.Slewing bearings

3.Wind turbine bearings

4.Bearing for Rollings Mills

5.Special Precision Bearings

6.Bearings for Rails Transportation

7.Automotive Bearings

8.Large-size bearings

9.Hydrodynamic bearings

10.One-way bearings

11.Spherical plain bearings

12.Standard ball bearings

13.Tapered roller bearings

ZYS as the China Bearing Manufacturer and industry standard company,it is only only produce precision bearings, but also supply Precision bearing instruments, bearing testing machines, bearing manufacturing machines, bearing relevant materials, abrasion-resistant materials. ZYS adheres to the business philosophy of integrity, preciseness and win-win innovation, adheres to scientific and technological innovation, adheres to the development of modern manufacturing service industry and other characteristic advantageous industries, creates the innovation leader of China’s bearing industry, builds China’s high-end bearing industrialization base, and is an international well-known enterprise in the world’s rolling & transmission field.

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