What are automotive bearings?


Bearings are the basis of automobile transmission components, and are a very important part of the driving device in automobiles. They are called “joints of the automobile industry” and are used for power generation and transmission to support tire rotation speed.

Automotive Bearings have an important impact on vehicle performance. Bearings for automobiles must be of reliable quality, maintenance-free, long life and low noise. Once damaged, it will affect the driving of the whole vehicle. In terms of safety, the installation position of some bearings is very important, such as wheel hub bearings, which are designed to support the weight of the whole vehicle. Once a fault occurs, it will affect the safety of the whole vehicle. The most important thing about the automobile bearing is safety. In terms of comfort, high-quality bearings have a great impact on the smooth operation of vehicles. Low noise and maintenance-free are very important to user experience. Therefore, car manufacturers have strict quality requirements when selecting bearings.

Due to the advancement of electronic control technology, automobiles are also developing in the direction of practical performance such as low energy consumption, high performance, and easy installation. Therefore, as an important component for automobile support, rolling bearings must adapt to this development trend. The following is a brief introduction to the specific classification of automotive bearings:

1. Automobile engine

Engine ball bearing, condensing fan, automobile water pump shaft bearing, needle roller bearing for engine rocker arm, automobile generator bearing, automobile air-cooled fan bearing 608, 629, automobile tensioner bearing , Automotive clutch bearings, silicone oil fan bearings, automotive air conditioning compressor bearings


2. Automotive suspension system

Tapered bearings for truck axles and differentials

3.  Wheel hub bearings


The first generation wheel hub bearing, the second generation wheel hub bearing, the third generation wheel hub bearing, double row angular contact ball bearing, double row tapered roller bearing, double row angular contact ball bearing with flange, double row angular contact ball bearing with flange, double Row tapered roller bearings With flange.


4. Automotive gearbox


Tapered roller bearings for automotive gearboxes, Cylindrical roller bearings for automotive gearboxes, Ball bearings for automotive gearboxes, Needle roller bearings for automotive gearboxes

5.  Clutch release bearings


King Pin Bearings, Clutch bearings, Clutch kingpin bearings, thrust ball bearings, thrust tapered roller bearings, thrust cylindrical roller bearings


EASIER bearings Automotive offers a comprehensive range of automotive bearings for trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles and passenger cars, designing and manufacturing bearings for European and Asian vehicles. EASIER’s high quality automotive products, guaranteed through continued control, are designed to withstand harsh conditions.


Frequently used in truck axles. Tapered roller bearing is able to withstand considerable axial and radial loading. By enlarging the outer ring angle, the bearing ability to withstand the axial load increases.


That is one of the most popular type of rolling bearings. Ball bearing is widely used also in trucks – transmission, reduction gears and engines. We present ball bearing in accuracy class 6, closed type.


Used in the axles of commercial trucks. Hub bearings come with seals, greasing and mounting rings that are necessary for replacement.


The set of two tapered roller bearings with seals and rings that are also used in the axle. All hub repairing kits come with seals, greasing, assembling and sealing rings that are necessary for replacement.

Thrust King Pin Bearings

Thrust Ball Bearings, Thrust Ball Bearings with shell, Thrust Roller Bearings with shell.

DAC Series Wheel Bearings

Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing for passenger car wheels

With the development of the economy and the progress of the society, the requirements of the industrial industry for bearings are also constantly being upgraded. The new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly in recent years. The amount of bearings used in new energy vehicles is less than that of traditional vehicles, but the quality of bearings is affected. The requirements are higher, and Chinese-made bearings are also deploying the new energy automobile bearing industry. I believe that the world industry of automobile bearings will have a new situation in the future.