Top 10 bearing manufacturers in China

As we all know, more than 70% of the world bearing market share is shared by the top ten multinational bearing group companies. Among them, the United States, which accounts for 23% of the global market, 21% of the European Union, and 19% of Japan, are basically dominated by five companies such as Japan’s NSK, Sweden’s SKF, Germany’s FAG, and the United States Timken. At the same time, the high-end market of the world’s bearing industry is monopolized by the above-mentioned enterprises, while the middle and low-end market is mainly concentrated in China.

Chinese bearings are favored by foreign markets because of their high quality and low price. At present, Chinese bearings are exported to the United States, Europe, South America, India, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and other major countries and regions. Different market groups. Relatively speaking, many importers don’t have a deep understanding of Chinese bearings. Let’s talk about the Top 10 bearing manufacturers in China first.

In 2020, China’s policy orientation will continue to guide capital investment in key areas of the bearing industry. With the top 10 bearing manufacturers in China as the leader, the bearing industry will be tilted towards high-precision, high-tech content and high value-added products, accelerating the bearing industry. upgrade. Driven by the development of various fields such as rail transit, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, and automotive light weighting, the level of China’s high-end bearing casting industry will be significantly improved. As the focus of global manufacturing shifts to China, the development of China’s high-end bearing industry has a strong impetus, and the requirements for domestic high-end bearing manufacturers have become higher and higher. At present, China’s bearing casting industry must focus on improving product grades and reducing manufacturing costs to achieve a strategic transition from “big” to “strong”.

No.1 of China Bearing manufacturer

Wafangdian Bearing Co., Ltd—  ZWZ

Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1938. It is the birthplace of China’s bearing industry and ranks eighth in the world bearing industry. ZWZ’s leading products are supporting bearings for major technical equipment, rail transportation bearings, and automotive vehicle bearings. Wind power new energy bearings, precision machine tools and precision ball screws, precision large castings. ZWZ more than 18,000 kinds of bearing products all have independent intellectual property rights, accounting for 26% of all conventional bearing varieties in the world, and at the rate of nearly 1,000 new products being developed each year, they meet market demand, and new products account for about 45% of sales revenue. Products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world. The company has passed ISO9000, ISO14001, QS9000 and ISO18000 certifications.

No. 2 of China Bearing manufacturer

Luoyang Bearing Corp. (Group)- LYC

Luoyang Bearing Corp. (Group)-LYC was founded in 1954 and is one of the 156 key projects in China during the First Five-Year Plan period.

LYC has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, CRCC, OHSAS18001, American ARR, French AS9100C, German GL and other domestic and foreign authoritative organizations certification. The product series cover nine types and more than 20,000 kinds. The product size ranges from 10mm inner diameter to 13.5 m. With core technologies such as rail vehicle bearings and thin-wall bearings for major equipment, the products are widely used in wind power generation, rail transportation, automobiles and motorcycles, mining and metallurgy, engineering machinery, machine tool motors, industrial gearboxes, medical equipment, port machinery ships, etc. field.

No.3 of China Bearing manufacturer

Harbin bearing group co. ltd. — HRB

HRB bearings are one of the three major bearing production bases in China. From 2007 to the present, after restructuring and reorganization, separation of main and auxiliary,  HRB bearings currently have 3388 main production equipment, an annual production capacity of 80 million sets, and sales revenue of 1.2 billion. A bearing product system with more than 7,000 specifications and varieties of ten major types, with railway passenger car speed-up bearings, precision machine tool spindle bearings, and mine metallurgical bearings as the leading products, has been formed.

The railway speed-up passenger car bearing developed by HRB has been confirmed as a fixed-point manufacturer by the Ministry of Railways. The railway bearing has become the backbone product of HRB. The YRT series precision CNC machine tool spindle bearing developed by HRB has filled the domestic gap and achieved localization.

No. 4 of China Bearing manufacturer

Renben Group Co., Ltd  — C & U

C & U Group was founded in 1984. It is a group company with bearing manufacturing as its leading industry. It also owns RenBen mechanical and electrical trade and a full-scale chain of convenience stores. It currently has 137 member companies, more than 20,000 employees, and assets of 11.09 billion. In 2018, it realized sales income of 17.13 billion yuan and completed profit and tax of 1.21 billion yuan.

C & U Group is the vanguard of China’s bearing industry. Through investment, mergers and acquisitions, technological transformation, etc., it has now formed seven major bearing production bases in Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai, Nanchong, Wuhu, and Huangshi. It has 65 bearing finished products with an inner diameter of 1.0mm. There are more than 30,000 kinds of bearings in the range of 4000mm in outer diameter. In 2018, 1.2 billion sets of bearings were produced.

Through the implementation of agency system and chain monopoly operation, C & U has established 69 bearing marketing companies and 130 bearing sales offices and bearing stores in central cities across the country, forming a national sales chain network of bearing products, and in the United States Trading companies in Japan and Germany.


Luoyang Bearing Science and Technology Co., Ltd– ZYS

Luoyang Bearing Science and Technology Co., Ltd-ZYS is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development of “high, precise, sharp, special” bearing products for key hosts and defense construction in various fields of the national economy. Its predecessor, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, was established. In 1958, it was the only national first-class comprehensive research institute in China’s bearing industry. In 1999, it entered China National Machinery Industry Corporation and was transformed into a science and technology enterprise.

The company focuses on the development of high-performance bearing products for key hosts of the national economy and national defense, and mass-produces various types of high-end equipment bearings and components with an inner diameter of 0.6mm to an outer diameter of 6.8 meters. The main business is the research, development, production and sales of precision thin-wall special bearings, high-speed machine tool spindles, bearing special equipment and testing instruments, bearing test machines and special bearing materials. The products are widely used in aerospace, ship weapons, machine tools , Wind power generation, mining metallurgy, petrochemicals, medical equipment, automobiles and rail transportation, engineering machinery, intelligent manufacturing services and other fields.


Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Group Limited company– TMB

Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Group Limited company has 30 years of development history. The company’s leading products include ten types of bearings with a total of more than 8,000 varieties.

Products by type are: cylindrical roller bearings (single row, double row, four row), deep groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, spherical ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings (single row, double row) , Thrust roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, non-standard bearings.

According to the application fields: aerospace bearings, military bearings, railway freight cars, passenger cars and rail transportation bearings, automotive bearings (new energy), wind power bearings, marine bearings, machine tool bearings, mechanical bearings, metallurgical rolling mill bearings, motor bearings, etc.

The new materials independently developed by the product are used for high-end bearing products, and have won the favor of domestic and foreign users due to the long life and high quality of the products. Among them, cylindrical roller bearings, railway bearings, wind power bearings, rolling mill bearings, etc. have always enjoyed a high reputation in the bearing industry Popularity.


Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd.– NXZ

Baota Industrial Co., Ltd. (formerly Northwest Bearing Co., Ltd.), formerly known as the Northwest Bearing Factory, is the largest specialized bearing manufacturer in the western part of the country. In 1996, it was restructured and listed, becoming the first stock listed company in the Chinese bearing industry.

The company has a national-level enterprise technology center, which develops more than 200 new products every year. The R & D of oil drilling bearings 30228 / 630Q has won the National Quality Gold Award. It is at the leading domestic level in product development and manufacturing processes in the field of large special bearings. The product was successfully applied to the Shenzhou-5 and Shenzhou-6 launch monitoring devices. The company has more than 500 kinds of products to fill the gap in the country, and nearly a thousand kinds have reached the international advanced level.


Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Co., Ltd. ZXY

ZXY was founded in 1968 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1996. ZXY has an engineering technology center specializing in the development and application of new automotive bearing products, new technologies. In addition to automotive bearings, it also designs machinery, agricultural machinery, appliances and fans. Bearing products.

The company’s technological research and development capabilities are in an absolute leading position in the domestic automotive bearing industry. A number of technologies such as reinforced tapered roller bearings, full complement cylindrical roller bearings, automotive air conditioning compressor bearings and clutch bearing simulation testers have international patents. ZXY is now Formed a system of supporting bearings for various models of heavy, medium, light, miniature, passenger cars, etc. ZXY brand bearings enjoy a high reputation in the auto parts market, and their products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asian countries and regions.

No. 9

Fujian Longxi Bearing group corporation limited — LS

Fujian Longxi Bearing group corporation limited is a modern state-owned listed company that produces and sells spherical plain bearings, tapered roller bearings, rolling functional components and high-end mechanical components. The company has an annual output of 15 million sets of spherical bearings and 8 million automotive tapered roller bearings. The production capacity of 2.6 million pieces of maintenance-free cross shafts and 20 million pieces of shaft sleeves.

The company’s leading products, the number of joint bearing varieties, production and sales rank first in the world. It is widely used in various types of machinery and equipment in the national economy industry and national key projects such as the Shenzhou series, Chang’e series, the National Astronomical Observatory FAST project, Tiangong, large aircraft, Shanghai Center Building And a large number of export to more than 40 industrial developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Asia. The company can develop both AS and EN standard aviation articulated bearings, as well as various non-standard aviation articulated bearings. Through the most authoritative experimental organization in the field of articulated bearings, the most stringent A standard bearings in the laboratory of the US Navy Aviation Command (NAVAIR) The certification is the only domestic enterprise that has passed certification. The 8 types of aviation joint bearings with more than 6,000 specifications developed by the company are listed in the US government procurement qualified product catalog (QPL-AS81820).


Qianchao Bearing

Wanxiang Group Corporation–QC Bearing

In 1994, Wanxiang Qianchao (000559) was listed and traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Universal joints bearing, transmission shafts, brakes, fuel burners, exhaust systems and other products were recognized as Chinese famous brand products. In 2005, the “Qianchao” trademark was recognized as a well-known brand. Trademark, Wanxiang Qianchao has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of auto parts. Products from parts to components to system integration, professional production, thin-walled serialization, modular supply, products cover universal joints, wheel hub units, Bearings, automotive chassis and suspension systems, braking systems, transmission systems, exhaust systems, fuel tanks, construction machinery components and other automotive system components and assemblies, is one of the largest independent automotive component suppliers in China.



CoatMaster was founded in 2007 and mainly produces bearings for electric motors. According to market demand, CoatMaster started to research and produce insulated bearings 7 years ago. Now it can produce and provide a full range of Electrically insulated bearings:

Insulated deep groove ball bearings

Insulated cylindrical roller bearings

Insulated tapered roller bearings

Insulated spherical roller bearings

Insulated thrust roller bearings

Insulated angular contact ball bearings

Insulated self-aligning ball bearings

Insulated linear bearings

Hybrid ceramic ball bearings

CoatMaster product can completely replace SKF, FAG, NSK, NKE and other world-renowned brands of insulated bearings.

China Bearing
has accumulated a lot of production technology and experience since 1938. Now China Bearing has been widely used in military, aerospace, automotive, machinery, agriculture, wind power and other fields, and can be used in some high-precision fields Comparing with bearings of SKF, FAG, NSK and other brands, the bearings made in China are divided into:

1. Deep groove ball bearing

2. Self-aligning ball bearings

3. Cylindrical roller bearing

4. Spherical roller bearings

5. Needle Roller bearing

6. Angular contact ball bearings

7. Tapered roller bearing

8. Thrust ball bearings

9. Thrust roller bearings

10. CARB toroidal bearing

11. Full complement cylindrical roller bearings

12. Cross roller bearings/Slewing Bearing

13. Linear motion bearings and slides

14. Self-lubricating bearings

15. Pillow block bearing

16. Spherical plain bearing and rod end

17. Cross shaft bearing

18. Universal joint bearing

19. Bearing Housings

20. Cam follower Bearing

21. Thin section Bearing

Amount of bearing export During 2012-2018

Note: 轴承出口金额 means Amount of bearing export

(千美元) means Thousand USD$ Dollars

Quantity of Bearing export During 2012-2018

Note: 轴承出口数量 Quantity of Bearing export

(万套) means 10 Thousand pcs

At the same time, China Bearing can produce different materials such as bearing steel, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, carbon steel, etc. According to the application, it can provide high temperature, low temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, high load bearing, high speed, high precision, ultra thin wall, insulation. And other special-purpose bearings, the export volume and export value of bearings have gradually increased in recent years. We are happy to share more information about Chinese bearing products and the Chinese market with foreign bearing-related Customers.

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